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    lighting shield problem

    O.o I didn't knew that...salutes by Black Adder.
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    Snippet R-Functions

    Well nothin's's quite good, Rheias +rep. You are incompetable. Look in dictionary -> incompetability
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    Sig Battle 3! > 13lade619 vs Smith_S9

    >This poll will close on September 29th, 2007 at 05:30 AM take a better look next time ;)
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    lighting shield problem

    That's right :D you cannot -no way to detect invisibility- Except if the invisible unit has some kind of buff...that can be damage through it
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    Crime 'I ate my roommate', says teen

    Boldrick! call Persie and tell him I'm hungry! Seriously, now, that's wicked sick...
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    Floating Text Problem

    How 'bout doing it the other way round? :D Actions Floating Text - Create floating text that reads W A R at (Target of current camera view) with Z offset 0.00, using font size 14.00, color (100.00%, 0.00%, 0.00%), and 0.00% transparency Wait 2.55 seconds Floating Text...
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    Topaz Games Is Ready!

    WOOHOO! my old friend o****r, you and c****n did a great job together! great work! my +rep for ya :D (EDIT: spread >:S ) and the grey isn't bright it's cool - gave a comment
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    Rep doesn't calculate correctly

    You don't judge the flow of reputation. Reputation judges its flow. And with the flow goes the +/- rep. As of spam..........................................let them be judged!
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    Goodbye (and hidden stuff!)

    cya matey, see you around!
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    Freezing a unit (was: stuff)

    Pause it. Unit - Pause (Triggering Unit)
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    Very strange trigger problem? Expiring trigger?

    Could you post your trigger or...some sort of the trigger? ...and may I ask why you only refer to AceHart? :D
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    redirecting attacking unit

    Something like Events: A unit dies Actions: Pick every units within 5000.00 range of (position of (killing unit)) and do Order (Killing Unit) to attack (Picked Unit)
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    I Have a Problem... -.-"

    lawl :rolleyes:
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    a question + a few suggestions...

    That ideas are pretty cool, but there is not much movement on them really :o
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    Opinions on my map

    It is better anyways when you breed in different makes it more realistic.
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    Script Errors

    The best thing to do is show us some scripts which you consider suspicious, so that we would help you more.
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    Game crashes!

    Maximum damage? :rolleyes: Even though in normal state it's not a thing to make Wc3 lag, you can always try to change it.
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    sammy cube buff that completely immobolizes a target

    Do you remember making any buff in which you forgot the tooltip and icon? ever? Also, your units can't move?
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    Opinions on my map

    That's a map idea above decent. It's very nice, and reminds me of my glory at Pet Mastery :rolleyes: What I could suggest is: Name - Era of Breed Idea - Use country breedings. When you breed in e.g Cold terrain, your pets have more Endurance (HP/Armor), or when you breed at grasslands, you...
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    Shooting requires mana

    Shoot? you mean attack?