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    Need lore?

    Need lore?
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    Crime Chinese cops leave body of boy racer in street to deter speeders

    I feel sorry for the family who had to deal with the embarrassment and sorrow of their loss.
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    Layout and design improvement

    Is there a way to do this? I'm running Debian with the primary drivers, not the non-free drivers.
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    Short Snippets

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    Prometheus aka kc102

    Nope. I joined this website because I lurk the Hive.
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    Prometheus aka kc102

    I've been reading a lot of these. You guys are so sentimental. :)
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    Layout and design improvement

    I sat farther away from the screen, and it looks better. You all must be using a better computer than me. :)
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    Short Snippets

    This is true. I was originally writing it in a sci-fi setting (where she was voting against the one-party government), but then I forgot the idea and finished it differently. I just wanted to post something while I sat at work (and avoid doing my homework). Thanks for the thoughts. Much love.
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    [Java] My Game Engine: The beginning

    What does this produce? I'm a bit lost when it comes to "engines," etc.
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    Short Snippets

    There are far and few women who'd consider doing this: standing far from a ballot, I rest my decision on one man -- who is not considered a candidate to win. My heart steady beats as the line diminishes; each person going up to drop their card and then leaving -- sometimes with a child or...
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    Surround Sound Not Working

    Have you made any progress? Sorry, I was busy. This can be a complicated answer, so forgive me for taking more time.
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    Fez Unrevealed

    This isn't Fez II.
  13. Cat

    Fez Unrevealed

    Here's some information about Fez.
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    Hero AI contest 2013

    If you'd extend the deadline, I'd make one for this contest.
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    Playing ff14 when suddenly...

    Even when you have a lot of RAM, you can run out of video memory. You may have to reduce your graphic settings to prevent this from happening again. Also, running GW2 doesn't help anything.
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    Responsive theme

    Whenever I lurk, the forums become distorted because of my resolution.
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    Layout and design improvement

    The side of the monitor sticking out towards the viewer looks a bit too sharp; otherwise, it looks perfect.