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    Interest Check - Selling my Nuon Samsung N501 and 5 games, controllers

    Any word if this is still available? I would be very interested in it!! please message me
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    Free NUON controllers

    controllers well, depending on shipping............i would like as many as possible. As soon as you know shipping on them then I will come up with an exact amount. I would like to get a hold of a lot of them though.
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    NUON Doom source updates

    It's great to hear that there is someone still breathing "some" life into the NUON!! When you said improvements, what kind of improvements are you referring to? thanks for the update!
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    Video blog #5 - Robot Ron

    Please don't give up !! I really want to see it running on the Nuon. How would the control scheme be set up? Because isn't it a dual analog control on the Yaroze?
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    Video blog #5 - Robot Ron

    Thanks for another video..... it's cool to see the process happen from the very beginning (it not running anything at all haha). I really hope that Robot Ron doesn't become too much of a problem for you to port. I may speak for everyone here, a new game for the Nuon would be a great addition !!
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    Have you guys played Typhoon 2001???

    I tried it out and think it's really cool! Too bad he hasn't included the bonus stages yet (that i know of at least). But from what i gathered it's a continuous work in progress. very cool game
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    Tempest 3000 and Space Invaders prices! DAMN!

    I think you snagged a deal for the 2 games..........but i've never seen Tempest go for that much. They must have really NEEDED that game !!! I don't know for sure but i think Tempest is more common that Space Invaders (which i still need). I would say around $20-$25 for either of them. But of...
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    Video blog #4 - GFKAEV part 2

    Thanks for another video! Just finished watching it, and hopefully you will some day be able to put all the finishing touches you wanted into the game and make a final polished version you always wanted. Is there anyone else you know that might be able to help you along with present and future...
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    How do I access the VLM with the Toshiba SD2300?

    I have one of these models.... and as far as i can remember you need the remote to access the vlm. Once the cd is in playing, you push the central knob on the remote up and it switches to the vlm. If you also have a controller you can control some of the actions of the vlm..... not sure if you...
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    Nuon Player reading problems....

    Does anyone know what's up with my Nuon player? It will read Nuon games and DVD's just fine but when i put in a music cd it says no disk. I have a 501. What gives??
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    Want to buy: Space Invaders / Ballistic

    I found a copy of Ballistic. Skah T sold me one........... thanks again Skah T :D
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    Video blog #2 - Hello NUON

    I personally don't mind how long they are. I'm fascinated by the Nuon and all the info i can get is even better. If i had to choose, i would say anywhere between 10-15 mins. Lets see what other people think. keep up the great work !!
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    Want to buy: Space Invaders / Ballistic

    Does anyone have either of these games for sale?
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    Video blog #1 - Howdy & Thanks

    Thank You thank you, thank you, thank you! Skah T and Kev..... thanks for the updates / info. I see good things to come in the future from both of you. more NUON = more gooder
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    Looking for a Samsung and Toshiba box...

    well, thanks for the replies. I hope someone someday will have one for me. thanks again
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    Looking for a Samsung and Toshiba box...

    Does anyone have, and would be willing to part with, the original box for the Samsung or Toshiba Nuon players? thanks
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    Want to buy: Space Invaders / Ballistic

    Want to buy: Space Invaders Does anyone have an extra copy of Space Invaders that they would be willing to part with?
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    Any Robot Ron news ?

    Just wondering how the progress of Robot Ron was coming along? There hasn't been any news of it lately, and i know about skah t moving into a new house and being addicted to guitar hero lately ! Any news?
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    Atari Jaguar / Nuon Emulators

    Is it possible run Tempest 2000 / 3000 on say: Dreamcast Ps2 Xbox running on the Virtual Jaguar and Nuance emulators? How possible is it? That way, tempest would be able to be played at a higher resolution. Any ideas or is this really impossible.........
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    Nuon SDK2

    thank you Ill do some digging around the samples.... got a c++ compiler so i should be in business. What's the best compiler to use in you opinion? thank you for your replies