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    So... SC2 makes me wonder -.-

    i couldent stop thinking why discuss the editor, you do know that when warcraft 3 came out with its editor it sucked, it sucked bigtime, it was first after the frozen throne came that the editor was upgraded to what is it today (roughly)
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    RPG Guardian Angels(Help needed)

    I would like to become a beta tester for your map played alot of orpg. and are good at spotting bug. ps. do you have ventrilo or TS for easyer communication
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    How to: Make Spellbooks

    when i do this Untitled Trigger 002 Events Player - Player 1 (Red) skips a cinematic sequence Conditions Actions Set Unit = Paladin 0003 <gen> Set Ability = Hardened Skin Unit - Add Ability to Unit Unit - Set level of Ability for...
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    Item creations help

    if i would like an item to have attack speed. then it has to an aura unless i can fit it into one of the 4 abilities in the item. but if it is going to be an aura i dont want the circle arround the unit or the buff in the unit UI
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    Item creations help

    If you want to make an item with 6 abilities, you will need 2 of them to be aura's my problem is, there is no way to make an aura "not" showing a buff. i have hear many say you can just use a spellbook or turn the abilitie into an item which is not ture either way the buff will show in the...
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    TD Joccarens TD Alpha tests

    Hey my own opioion. [-] The 2 start towers, havent tryed any of the other since i quite in level 10 due to boss level. [-] I dont know if i was bad, but boss level seems abit hard. [-] level 1-9 is way to easy [-] flying could be a problem in the later level due to there weird flight path [-]...
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    Make aura's buff invisable

    if you are going to make an item that has more then 4 abilities you want auras not to show as buffs, so i got a hint. use "spell book" and i did but it still show the buff even if i make a dummy and add the spell to that one.
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    Make aura's buff invisable

    hey everyone. i seem to fail at everything theys days, i want to make an aura that not shows the buff on units hope you guys can help me
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    Looking for items tutorial or map to study

    The Spellbook works fine, but i still seem to me missing how to add spell to the spellbook by trigger and remove them again.
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    Looking for items tutorial or map to study

    the basic item systems i have encountered though my time, really just tell me what the different setting are for. and that is not what im particular are looking for. if we take another item. lets say. Abilitys. 1. +20 str 2. +35 agi 3. +500 hp 4. +10 armor Auras. 1. 15%...
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    Looking for items tutorial or map to study

    Hey helpers I always seems to get stuck when it comes to items. anybody know a good tutorial to making advanced items and recipes and if you still are not sure what i mean. i want to be able to make items with more then 4 stats, i want to push it to the limit. simuler like in dota...
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    vision with terrain height

    i think you can do it with "Line of Sight Blocker" under Doodads
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    How to make advanced item?

    Hey fellow helpers. i would like to know, if there is a tutorial or someone with the knowledge to make items. if i want to make an item that gives: str +50 agi +50 variable +15 (custom) death aura (custom) armor +10 move speed +50% attack speed +50% hope you guys can help me...
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    Dummy To cast an ability

    Hey im making an hero with an passive ability. for now it is 100% to cast when he attacks but i cant get the dummy to cast Breath Of Fire Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions (Unit-type of (Attacking unit)) Equal to (==) Rock...
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    Change Damage, Armor, Hp and Movement Speed Ingame

    Hey, i have looked at the forum, and i dident seem to find the thing i was looking for. i want to know if it is possiable to change Damage, Armor, Hp and Movement Speed Ingame? (and i dont want to added it so it look like "+"damage,armor. and also not just by giving the mob 9999.... hp and...
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    Green Icons

    i just solve to problem thx for the help ;)
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    Green Icons

    Hey. i have 1 or maybe 2 problems. in the picture i want to change the greenicons, and i want the text to find the right string
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    give custom stats to hero, from trigger or jass

    i dont want auras, cos if i want exm. one item that has 2 armor and another one that got 7 armor i will need to make 2 abilities, and if i got arround 1000 items, i will have over 5000 abilites :/ I seen it from BX-TRSII map. so i know it is possiable. the only problem i dont know how to...