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    NUON Game Reviews in gaming magazines?

    I'd love to read the Edge review of Tempest 3000. Does it exist anywhere online?
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    NUON Rotary Controllers for T3K

    Hi Nick. A rotary controller for Tempest 3000 would be a dream come true. Good luck with making it happen, you can chalk me up for a sale when it does :)
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    Which Nuon controller do you use?

    I use a Stealth now, thanks to 3D0Man :) It's going to take a while to get used to though. After years playing with the Logitech Tempest 3000 suddenly feels twice as fast.
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    Which Nuon controller do you use?

    I use a Logitech. It's far from perfect but does the job. Didn't know about any hack so might have to dig around and see what it's all about. Saying that I'm desperate to find a Stealth though so if anyone has one for sale, or knows of one for sale, I'd really appreciate the heads up :)