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    Friendly AOE Damage Problem

    I created an ability for the marine called grenade, based off of raven - heat seeking missle. The problem is that not only can i target allies with the ability, but its also doing friendly AOE damage to other marines close to enemy targets. I tried I adding == Target - Impact Unit Validator...
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    Stealing the Crate Triggers

    Simple Make the Crate Spell immune and have alot of health or armor Create a Unit Variable for the Crate Event - A unit is attacked Condition - Unit type of Attacked Unit = (variable)CRATE Condition - Unit belongs to an enemy of (variable)CRATE = True Action - Change ownership of...
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    Optimizing / Protecting

    Hey I'm ready to test my map but a while ago my mapping partner dissapeared. He was always the one that optimized and protected the map, how do i do that, like step by step.
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    New Spell

    Hello, im trying to make a new spell that is kind of like fan of blades but with poison damage over time as well. So i am not sure what road i should take and there are a few problems with each possibility. Should I modify fan of blades and make it so that it adds a buff, then create a trigger...
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    Random Hero Option

    Im trying to make a thing in my map where when somebody buys the Random hero, they get a random hero and 2 items. The problem is, i do not know how to do either of these things and im kinda stumped. Please help in basic E/C/A format
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    Damn How could i make an aura ability liek that, which does dmg to nearby units
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    No I can learn the ability and everything and all the icons are set right, i edited pheonix fire, it works perfect but theres no Spell spot for it, i tried editing position for spell and everything but it has no spot for it
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    Sometimes when i edit a skill thats normally a unit specific ability and make it a hero ability the icon doesnt show up and the ability works, how do i make the icon show? Its like the spell doesnt exist but it still works . . .wierd
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    [Request]passive spell

    Phoenix Fire Just edit the Phoenix Fire from the Object Editor, make it a hero ability and edit all the values. Would be Much simpler
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    Weapon Enchant

    Not Working Ok so, i added those strings Hand, right and hand, left to the Art-Caster Attachment Points and i choose my model for the Art-Caster but it doesnt work. . . anything else i need to do?
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    Weapon Enchant

    Im trying to make a trigger where when a spell is learned they get a enchant on both weapons which makes fire on the weapon. But its for the Demon Hunter and he has two weapons, is there any way to put it on both?
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    Crash in my Map

    I am recently making a map (im editing an already existing one) and after changing alot of towers and everything about them, and adding abilities whenever i try to Build with the builder, my game shuts off. So everytime i click build it shuts off. Any ideas on how to fix it?
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    Updrades Help (again)

    Im trying to make a map where when u upgrade ur building, you get a few more upgrades for your units. But i want these abilities to go into a seperate building. How do i make it so When i upgrade Town Hall to a Keep, the Black Smith Learns and removes certain abilities. I also need to make it...
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    The Ability Idea Thread

    My first Spell The first triggered spell i ever made hope u enjoy : ) Telepathic Fury Basic actions of this are the Blademaster, uses Bladestorm and blinks around a large area while still in Bladestorm im not gonna give the code tho, u can figure that out. Level 1 : Medium Area 100...
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    Upgrades Help

    Different Plan Instead i just made a whole new building to hold all the buffs, so im trying to make it so when the Building is upgraded the Buffs for the specific upgrade are added. SO how do i make it so when it upgrades it adds to a certain type of unit, because i got alot of players with the...
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    Upgrades Help

    No i know theres a way to make the building have 2 different command things
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    Upgrades Help

    I am currently making a map and i need to fit a whole bunch of commands and upgrades into 1 Building. How do i make the option that when u click on it, it goes to a different place, kind of like a double shop. and how to i put the commands into it
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    Spell Meat Hook

    QUestion Do i need the meat hook dummy placed be4 the game starts?
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    Mappin Partner

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been working my map for about 2 months, then i quit and have been workin on it for the last week. The only thing is after i quit (for about six months) i lose my mapping partner he like disapered. We both...
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    I have been working my map for about 2 months, then i quit and have been workin on it for the last week. The only thing is after i quit (for about six months) i lose my mapping partner he like disapered. We both shared the work evenly so now im kinda overwhelmed. This map is quite good, many...