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    Who of us are programmers and what are you working right now?

    I'd be very interested to see a survey asking how much of the community is in game design and game programming. It seems to be the main focus of the programming forum, and World Edit is obviously the center of the community. I wonder how many of us went from using WE as a kid to working in the...
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    Dude, props for the UT reference in your name. It's been my account name for bank accounts/other...

    Dude, props for the UT reference in your name. It's been my account name for bank accounts/other important things for a very long time. Long live the champion!
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    Gaming Modder proves SimCity can run offline indefinitely

    SimCity is currently the lowest rated product on Amazon. It hasn't gone unpunished - hopefully EA buckles up and figures out how to deal with their pirating problem effectively. It worked for Blizzard though launch day was a bit of a problem, so hopefully they figure out how to do it right.
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    Playstation 4 event live

    Catch it here:
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    Who of us are programmers and what are you working right now?

    C++ is an awesome and infuriating language, simultaneously.
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    Math - Permutations and Combinations: Did you guys ever get it?

    I'm guessing you mean set permutations and combinatorial analysis. Combinatorics goes far deeper than just statistics and basic math - it's use is seen in differential calculus, linear algebra, typed lambda calculus, and set theory (Obviously). Number of combinations can be infinite given 2...
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    TheHelper Site History - 1st Official Blizzard Forums MVP Story

    Your grammar's better than Phyrex's was in the first couple years. Though he's probably an English Professor by now.
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    How far are you?

    Right off the batt Hell blues are blowing away some of the latter game yellows I was finding in NM. I'm 52 right now in Act 1.
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    Skyrim, Legend of Zelda, Diablo 3, or HoTS?

    How can you even compare Skyrim to Zelda? Two completely different entities entirely... ...But if I must, D3 all the way.
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    System Changes

    Loving the inherent ID. Hopefully they fixed the ghost mouse problem.
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    Diablo III Closed Beta

    Dan is totally trustworthy. I can send you those same pictures.
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    Diablo III Closed Beta

    Anyone else get invited? If so, you should add my BattleTag: DeathDenied#1610
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    Indie Maps Review: Issue 1

    Holy crap so many [sic]'s and (expoundation)'s
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    Environment Grim predictions say 9 more years of Texas drought possible

    That's a little scary. And Varine, most of it's not desert.
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    BSOD randomly, Windows couldn't repair one time

    Okay, so I've got a custom built rig, top of the line that I built about two months ago. In the last month I've been having a BSOD problem crop up, and it's rather irritating. Last week it BSOD'd then Windows tried to repair on startup, and failed. I ended up having to install Windows again on...
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    Dynamic File Permissions

    Technically all I'm doing is displaying photos from a photo directory when they log in to their gallery. The photo directories are dynamically created, so I created another directory to put them all in and set permission to read for user/group/world. When I call mkdir() I've got the permissions...
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    Dynamic File Permissions

    Okay, so here's the situation: I have an image which I dynamically upload to from a Java servlet. I have a PHP script that uses mkdir() to make a directory on the site, which the servlet uploads the photos to. They upload fine, but when I go to view them on the site, they don't show? I can't...
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    Changing the type of a unit

    I'd say try Metamorphosis unless you need it to be toggled. In that case you could also try Uproot. You can always trigger the ability later on if need be.
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    Find ways to increase and decrease the range

    Check this out: Hope this helps. Player - Set the current research level of RangeIncrease to 1 for (Owner of (Using Hero))) Should suffice. The research should be set to 1 or 2 at the default of the Hero being...