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    Playstation 4 event live

    Catch it here:
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    Diablo III Closed Beta

    Anyone else get invited? If so, you should add my BattleTag: DeathDenied#1610
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    BSOD randomly, Windows couldn't repair one time

    Okay, so I've got a custom built rig, top of the line that I built about two months ago. In the last month I've been having a BSOD problem crop up, and it's rather irritating. Last week it BSOD'd then Windows tried to repair on startup, and failed. I ended up having to install Windows again on...
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    Dynamic File Permissions

    Okay, so here's the situation: I have an image which I dynamically upload to from a Java servlet. I have a PHP script that uses mkdir() to make a directory on the site, which the servlet uploads the photos to. They upload fine, but when I go to view them on the site, they don't show? I can't...
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    The Good Old Days

    Does anyone remember this design? Feels so retro now. This was about 5 years ago - Oh how it's changed. It's fun reminiscing. :) Anyone have any fun stories about how things have changed around here? The design, the people, old quirky bugs/features?
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    IE and CSS3

    Is it just me or does IE not want to display any CSS3 properties? I did some digging and found that the "border-radius" property is supposed to work in all browsers, with a -moz- prepended to it so it'll work in FF 3.6 and before. That's all fine and dandy, but when I use the property and...
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    Anyone interested in making a new toon?

    Just started back up, haven't played since WotLK came out. Anyone interested in making a new toon with me? Server doesn't matter, something in the US though haha
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    MySQL Connector/J not working when packaged into a jar

    I'm beginning to detest JARs. The first time I found the need for one I had an incredibly frustrating time getting it to read my main-class; this time however, the program doesn't connect to my MySQL database when I package the whole thing into a JAR. I'm using the MySQL Connector/J Driver...
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    Fun with Algebra

    Let me start off bluntly: I've never been good at math. I'm here to consult the good people of TheHelper (Fitting name) for some help with my algebra final review in college. So here goes... Solving cubic functions. I've been given x³-6x²-20=0 Can I put 20 on the right, pull out an x...
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    Collision Detection in Java against two objects

    Been stuck on this and I can't figure out how to get the character to hit the block, and still be able to move after he hits it. Here's the code for the move method: public void move() { if (dx != -1 ) { if (Left + dx <= 150) {...
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    Would anyone mind making a banner for me?

    Creating a blog and would really like a banner for it. Problem is, I'm not too keen with Photoshop or fancy graphic design, and was wondering if any of you fine lads could help. I had in mind a steampunk, metal-brushed, industrial design scheme with "AugustusConan's Throw-Ins" as the text in...
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    [JAVA] Importing package interfaces vs. entire package

    Is there any reason to import specific package interfaces instead of the entire package? Does it take longer to call all classes when you import the entire package? EG: import java.awt.Graphics; instead of import java.awt.*;
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    Collision bug in Java

    Long time no see, eh? Got a question for you guys in this fine establishment. I've been working on a very simple, bare-bones 2D shooting game in Java that's reminiscent of Pong, and am having a rather unsightly bug with the collision detection. Seems that whenever either player gets any...
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    Website Review

    Was wondering if you lovely gents could review and critique my website: Feedback is greatly appreciated. How's the layout look? Is it effective? Professional? Any tips on making it better and more compatible?
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    Texas Obtaining License Laws

    So I'm coming up to my 18th this sunday, and heard from a friend that I still need Driver's Ed even if I'm 18 in order to obtain my license. Is this true?
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    Audio Enhancement

    New laptop, was wondering if there's perhaps audio enhancement software available to accomodate a deeper bass and better clarity?
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    The Wonderful World of Websense

    If any of you try flash games when you're bored in class, then you feel my pain. My Comp Sci class is moving rather slowly, and besides here I don't have much to occupy my time with. Any flash game sites that websense hasn't found?
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    Grass on the edge of combustion laying silent under a sinking Sun Dubious a view through red haze, a ground creeping slowly on the run Walking up to the flowers growing up around weeds and vines Hands clean from an oasis as he keeps digging in the lines Blood won't wash out with more...
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    US News Dow plunges, BELOW 9,000!!!

    NEW YORK — A runaway train of a sell-off turned the anniversary of the stock market peak into one of the worst days in Wall Street history Thursday, driving the Dow Jones industrials down a breathtaking 679 points and deepening a financial crisis that has defied all efforts to stop it. Stocks...
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    Screw You Hurricane Ike

    We got hit hard last night - Ike blew our fences down knocked our power out and uprooted a tree next to our house. I think there's a dead body in the pool too but I haven't gone in yet. Power came back on just now though so I'm relieved. Gotta upload the pictures we took this morning...