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  1. Narks

    WIP WoFRP Roleplaying sandbox map - successor to SotDRP (source avaliable)

    WoFRP - no, I'm not sure what it stands for. It's probably something dumb. About two years ago I started on a project called WoFRP. It's a roleplaying sandbox map for WarCraft III, like SotDRP (which I am one of the authors of), except over nine thousand times better. Except I didn't finish it...
  2. Narks

    Simple PHP regex tokenizer question

    So I have a web page stored in a string var, and it has a whole bunch of stuff like this: <td>asldkfmasdf</td><td>more stuff</td> etc... What I want to do is tokenize the web page, to extract the text between the td tags, then strip any html tags inside the extracted text (probably by...
  3. Narks

    Making image of ssd

    I want to create an image for backup purposes of an SSD with Windows 7 installed. My current plan for creating backups is to use a ubuntu live cd and the ntfsclone tool using the --save-image option, then using something like gzip to compress the image and store it away on another machine. For...
  4. Narks

    Gaming computer

    My friend helped me sort out a list of parts for a gaming computer, the total being just under $1400 AUD (so I can play Skyrim on MAX GRAPHICS fuck yeah). I'd like a second opinion though on these parts, and I'm hoping someone here will help me confirm that what I've picked is good, or direct me...
  5. Narks

    Help - how to deal with phoenixes?

    Okay, I usually play team games with fellow zerg players. One thing I've noticed, when matched against a Protoss player, they often employ faggotry a phoenix rush strategy, where they focus on getting phoenixes to pick up queens and kill overlords, while their ally protects their base, sometimes...
  6. Narks

    Moral dilemma

    Alright, so I've recently purchased a laptop battery for my Dell laptop. To cut to the point: The battery itself: - it is flawed - it will refuse to charge the battery if the laptop is off (and will still still refuse when you turn the laptop on while the charger is plugged in) - it only...
  7. Narks

    Free web hosting with apache logs

    Anyone know of a free web host that allows access to apache logs? I want to do some experiments with PHP and tracking images.
  8. Narks

    A unit begins construction event

    How do I get the builder in the "A unit begins construction" event? Is it GetTriggeringUnit()?
  9. Narks

    Multiple "build building" abilities on unit

    Any way to get multiple of those build a building abilities on a single unit without orderid conflicts?
  10. Narks

    Encrypting a string

    Does anyone know of a snippet where you can add two strings (lets say a constant and a player's name) to get a new string through some kind of shifting or something - and the reverse operation, where you subtract a player's name from a string to get the original string? I don't know much about...
  11. Narks


    Originally, I was going to use Event like this: - a custom damage event is triggered - all modifying functions for that event are fired in the correct order - the damage is dealt eg. - an effect Shield reduces damage by 50%, so Shield is attached to the custom damage Event, and has a...
  12. Narks

    Maximum ability objects

    I want to know the limit on how many abilities can be created in the Object Editor. Apparently the team who worked on TKoK RPG ran into issues with creating items (from what I've been told, around ~4000 items), but I haven't been able to find any information on it. Does anyone know about any...
  13. Narks

    Hiding a quest

    Any way to hide a quest in the Quest Log without destroying the quest object?
  14. Narks

    Laptop battery dying :(

    My laptop battery is dying - logged onto Ubuntu today, and it tells me it's at 34% capacity, and that it may be old or damaged. My laptop is almost a year and a half old, so I'm leaning towards damaged rather then old (although, the laptop was a rather cheap one, $700 AUD or something). The...
  15. Narks

    Make any unit indestructible

    So, I want to be able to make any unit indestructible (by adding abilities or whatever). Basically, the unit should not be able to die under any game mechanic. Assume that every ability that exists in WarCraft III (transmute, finger of death, etc.) can be used, and that attackers deal an...
  16. Narks

    destroying a terraindeformation

    How do I destroy a terraindeformation handle? (as in, remove the handle, so no leaking) Unrelated note: do I need to null unit handles? (I've heard that they leak anyway)
  17. Narks

    Multiboards and textwrapping and bears, oh my!

    So, I've got a shiny new multiboard. I want to tell people about my multiboard. So, I wrote a 200 word paragraph describing how wonderful my new multiboard is, and oh ho ho, the clever part is, I'm going to display it on my multiboard-... ... damn it! Anyway, I want to wrap long...
  18. Narks

    Vexorian's optimizer is breaking my map

    Long story short, the Compress Names feature is breaking my map. I've added UnitAlive to the identifier ignore list, but that didn't seem to help. Playing with the tweaks didn't help either (although I haven't tried all possible combination). I really want to use the Compress Names feature...
  19. Narks

    Structs, recycling, iteration

    Okay, so I have a few questions regarding structs: - when I allocate a new struct, will it recycle unused indexes (like I create a struct using index 1, 2, 3, destroy 2, will the next struct by created using 2 or 4?) - how can I iterate through all struct instances? - say my struct has an X...
  20. Narks

    Buying a monitor

    I want to buy a monitor, since I've been using glitchy second hand monitors all the time. Is there anything I should know about monitors before I make my decision?