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  1. Zack1996

    Came back to after over a year and saw your Legends thread! How're you doing?

    Came back to after over a year and saw your Legends thread! How're you doing?
  2. Zack1996

    Minigame Pudge Wars Advanced

    The thing about radius upgrades is each upgrade is more effective than the last. Let's look at 0 upgrades: 100 * 100 * pi = 10000pi At one upgrade: 115 * 115 * pi = 13225pi (+3225) 2 upgrades: 130 * 130 * pi = 16900pi (+3675) As you can see, the area of the circle does not increase...
  3. Zack1996

    Minigame Storm Spirit Wars 1.02

    I'm just really curious about the effects of the various element areas. So far, I've tried out Nature and Earth. Nature: Armour + HP Regen Earth: Ability to walk up cliffs (?) Fire (Just tried): Immolation + HP regen + Fire Spirit things that help you (I'm concerned about this, since those...
  4. Zack1996

    Arena Suicide Garden

    Looking absolutely amazing, keep up the good work! I've tried out the new hero (Shadow Hunter) but I can't quite grasp his playstyle. I will try him again and make a quick review of the new guy :) Would love to test the map multiplayer, but no one seems to be interested in trying new stuff...
  5. Zack1996

    Arena Admiral Wars Ver 1.0

    Try shortening the file name. Will try this out when I have free time on my hands, currently really busy with something.
  6. Zack1996


    So its an instant cast skill that affects everything on the map? I think B is a solid option. EDIT: Was just trying that Priest guy (Archon, was it?). I'm just wondering about the mechanics of his rift. I understand that Rift does not hit units that you cannot see, but why did you include...
  7. Zack1996


    They are a sort of side-quest on and by itself, IMO. If you manage to hold many neutral buffs, you've got one pumped up hero. If you're fighting against a guy with something like 4 buffs while you have none, you know you're kinda screwed. Currently, I find the game to be split into two...
  8. Zack1996

    Arena Fatal Four Arena

    So its a dungeon with lots of traps, mobs and bosses at the end? There will be 5 dungeons, one for each boss and a final dungeon for a rematch with all four bosses at once? Or will it just be one massive dungeon? If the dungeons are split into 5, it would be easier if you choose to include a...
  9. Zack1996


    Flat percentages are fine. It would make the stat board less of a clutter if you just have Instead of The latter would have a more linear scaling, though. The former method would have a slightly more steep scaling, if I am not wrong. eg. LoL MR vs WC SR 100 MR = 50% SR = 100% Magic...
  10. Zack1996

    Campaign The Enigma

    Really well made map. The puzzles were really good and its easy to grasp the idea of the map. I was kinda confused when I first started the map, but some experimentation helped me understand tons of the things in the map. I think its cool to have lots of unknown elements, especially for a...
  11. Zack1996


    The game feel faster now. Holding onto a runes or two really encourages a player to play more aggressive to maximise the effect of the runes. The heroes are looking as good as always. The damage path for most heroes are rather weak as of now, but I believe that the introduction of items would...
  12. Zack1996


    Sweet! Nice to see you still working on this :) I don't quite understand this: Does this refer to the (neutral) creeps' strength upgrade? I'm curious as to how the cooldown reduction stat will work out. It would either end up a great addition to the game, or any extremely notorious...
  13. Zack1996

    Arena Suicide Garden

    Woah, the new hero is pretty complex, but her skillset allows me to stun a single target for quite a long time. However, I find her attack animation to be rather slow. Perhaps I should build her as AGI + INT instead of building her pure INT. This would probably make her combo easier to pull...
  14. Zack1996

    Been slacking like crazy. Haven't touched WE since August until about 3 days ago :P I'm...

    Been slacking like crazy. Haven't touched WE since August until about 3 days ago :P I'm planning to fix up Monoliths before adding a team select function. New heroes will probably have to wait till later this year :( What about you? How's Pudge Wars?
  15. Zack1996

    Hi :P

    Hi :P
  16. Zack1996

    Arena Suicide Garden

    Regarding the terrain, I do believe that it would be extremely difficult to refine. My main concern lies with Run Wild, which would be screwed up pretty badly if there were too many obstacles in the way. I can't think of any other spells that would be affected by complex terrain off the top...
  17. Zack1996

    Arena An Arena yet to be Named

    Just played the Blade Mistress. Pretty powerful DPS. However, what I don't get is that Blade throw thing of her's. I can't really grasp its path too well. Does the blade move in a circle or is it simply a curved line? In addition, I really like her third ability. Being able to hit for massive...
  18. Zack1996

    Arena My yet-unnamed Hero Arena

    The duel bugs if one of the participants are dead :( Pretty fun map so far, although I don't get why you have an item carrier thing before the game is actually started. If you try to get a hero before then, you get stuck.
  19. Zack1996

    Arena An Arena yet to be Named

    I was just playing the Vampire the other day, pretty impressed with his ability to inflict damage. I would really like to see how he would turn out with that other ability. Dash straight into them and tear their throats out :P I really like Run Wild, too. Its really interesting to run about...
  20. Zack1996

    Minigame Pudge Wars Advanced

    I think something like 50% is better, since it would cripple your damage way too much if you only manage to hit one enemy. Plus, its would be ridiculously scary to have 3 enemies homing at you :P