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  1. Knight7770

    [Comic] "The Lurker"

    The Lurker "The Lurker" is a comic written by myself and drawn currently by vypur85. There are weekly strips which are posted in the Prose of the Week, in the Writers' Corner. (The style of the drawing changes because Smith_S9 quit, and vypur replaced him.) This is the archive of strips so...
  2. Knight7770


    Here are some strange limericks I've come across: There once was a man who wrote limericks And this man was such a big cynic That when one day he laughed, And everyone gasped. “But I only killed someone with plastic!” There is such a big difference from coal And strange people who own...
  3. Knight7770

    Website down?

    Is the Starcraft 2 website down for you guys too? When I try to visit it I get an error saying "Address Not Found: Firefox can't find the server at" :confused:
  4. Knight7770

    Signature First Sigs

    These are my two first signatures, both made in Photoshop. Knight: Ghostly Sword: Version 2: C&C please :D
  5. Knight7770

    Large Piece Planets

    I made some planets to live on when the Earth is destroyed. I made some planets from Andrewgosu's tutorial on making planets. I haven't named them yet, though. C&C please :D
  6. Knight7770

    The Games Channel

    The Games Channel (image coming soon) Yes, the games channel! Have you ever been bored; just waiting for the next post in your thread or refreshing the forums waiting for new news to be posted? Well, be bored no longer! The games channel, located in the #warcraft channel on The Helper’s...
  7. Knight7770

    C++ program help

    I'm making a program that generates random acronyms based on the letters you want it to form. So far, I only have the basic stuff (not all the words have been added yet, nor all the grammar check stuff). However, there is a bug with the current grammar check implementation, which adds "ly" to...
  8. Knight7770

    Poetry I Was, Once

    I Was, Once I was, once; The blackest killer of them all, Before my weapon, they would fall. All vice and torment spread from me, The gruesome message of the banshee. Absolute power did I evince, Never did anyone attack me since. I was the bringer of plague and pain, I was the...
  9. Knight7770

    Poetry The Cursed Town

    I got so bored from waiting that I wrote this. It's about a play, The Crucible, that I recently saw.
  10. Knight7770

    Poetry The Ultimate Pirate

    Another short poem. I had to rewrite it, because it was so bad the first time. :o
  11. Knight7770

    Poetry A Shunned Body

    Just a poem I wrote for school.
  12. Knight7770

    US News Obama’s maternal grandmother dies at 86

    Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama's quest for the highest office on land suffered a body blow on Tuesday morning after his 86 year old grand mother, Madely Dunham, lost her battle to cancer. Senator Obama and his wife Michelle released a press statement at 12. 45 am Kenyan time...
  13. Knight7770

    Short Story Letum Sancto Fides (Working Title)

    Here's a short story I wrote which could use some critiquing. I'm still not sure about the title, so you can ignore it.
  14. Knight7770

    Spore Signature

    I would like to request a signature for myself on the Spore forums. The dimensions would be 600 x 130 pixels. This image should be in the center: With one of these on either side of it: And one of these on either side of the above image: And fill up the rest of the space with these...
  15. Knight7770

    Error when trying to change details

    When I try to edit my details in the User CP, I get this message when I press Save Changes: Has this happened to anyone else?
  16. Knight7770

    Spore Creations

    Knight7770's Creations ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you want to see all of my creations before I post them here, go here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight7770's Creature-Stage Creatures ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hellish Creatures ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Morsudis This highly dangerous creature is covered in spikes...
  17. Knight7770

    C++ Comparison Not Working

    Once again, I am at a loss for how to fix this comparison not working. The compiler doesn't give me any errors, but it is obvious that the comparison does not work. Here is the code: The comparison...
  18. Knight7770

    Seemingly Inexplicable C++ Error

    I'm making a non-decimal version of my Dessert Stock Market game, so I'm converting all related floats to ints. However, I have a function which was getting some of those floats passed to it. I made sure I changed that function's arguments appropriately, but I still get an error when I try to...
  19. Knight7770

    Dessert Stock Market Game

    The Dessert Stock Market Game Version 2.7.6 I made a simple game in C++ that I invented in TheHelper chat. It's called the Dessert Stock Market game; it's simpler than it looks. The rules are explained in the game, but I will tell them to you here anyway: There are 4 different types of...
  20. Knight7770

    Hero Contest #2 Results

    Here are the results for Hero Contest #2: First Place: Tinki3 Second Place: Ivach Third Place: vypur85 Everyone else (it really starts at 4, so just add 3 to what you see): BRUTAL Grymlax Zanar Mr-death Fegga5 Larcenist Elumork Kazuga Squishy R@i_no_Wyrm MCR-ELSKER DarkRae Foodflare Ashcat...