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  1. UnknowVector

    Can't access moved threads from their old forum

    When a thread is moved a redirect to it is left in its prior forum. This redirect is currently broken. Clicking on it takes you to an error page displaying: The link to the thread from its new forum works fine. The link to the thread from the profile of the original poster also works fine...
  2. UnknowVector

    Dell Latitude D820 screen darkens when brightened too much.

    Got a Dell Latitude D820 here, and I'm having some trouble with the screen. Background: It has a function key, and the combination of the function key with the up and down arrows adjusts screen brightness (no adjustments for brightness / contrast separately as far as I can tell, so the function...
  3. UnknowVector

    Broadband Internet Caps and Volume Plans and Government Response -- Good, Bad?

    Any references to "country", "government", or "ISPs" (etc.) refer to the American flavour. This is going to be a moderately long introduction, so if you know what I'm talking about, skip it and get discussing. ------------------------- So, everybody likes good internet access, but it...
  4. UnknowVector

    Lightweight encryption recommendations?

    So, a couple of things: 1. Any opinions on the flashdrives that (attempt to?) provide encryption (e.g. 2. Does anyone know of a sold, well-respected lightweight on demand encryption program (so...
  5. UnknowVector

    Possible new hard drive, need to do some planning.

    My current hard drive is old, and it likes to make a constant high pitch whine. For the most part is just annoying, but sometimes it gets really loud for a few seconds. I'm pretty sure its dying. Instead of copying the whole drive, I'm just going to treat this like a reformat. Anyway, if I...
  6. UnknowVector

    Text Based Game

    Here is the website. You can read the full rules there. Eeal Rising is a text based (numbers based really) game. It hasn't really been tested in the wild yet, so PLEASE if you decide to play, let me know what you think. It will automatically start when 6 players have joined, and once someone...
  7. UnknowVector

    Will 110mb work for me?

    First time I've posted in this forum :) I have a fairly simple idea for a text based game. It would actually work alright as a forum game. But just for fun (thats what a game is for anyway), I believe I could make it into a small webpage. I'm looking for a free webhost. I don't care what...
  8. UnknowVector

    [General] Woman Says Being Declared Dead Ruins Life

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A Nashville woman said that having to prove she’s alive over and over is ruining her life. Laura Todd said an 8-year-old typo is affecting everything from her credit to her tax return. "I don't think people realize how difficult it is to be dead when you're not,” she...
  9. UnknowVector

    Kitty say what, Mow Mow-Mow Maow

    Moaw Mow Mow Mow! :kitty::cat::kitty:::kitty::)::kitty::kitten::cat: Hm2BdCbZkKY My favorite part is at 0:27, try using the forward/reverse bar as a vinyl.
  10. UnknowVector

    Theory: The driving force behind the builder jump

    Hey all, its been a while since I posted, but regardless, I felt I should post this here. You all probably know about the “builder jump” in which you build yourself into a corner, so you can “jump”. The idea is, your unit must land on a path able piece of land after building any building, even...
  11. UnknowVector

    Trillan over AIM?

    Im thinking of switching to trillan, supposedly it has access to the yahoo and AIM networks and many others. Anyone have any experience with it? I kinda wanna change because I don't like AoL, the aggresive advertising and showers of free 6 month trails that come with EVERYTHING are ticked me...
  12. UnknowVector

    Sound dead

    My sound is currently gone, the sound cards diagonstic thing says its a mixer setting that is the problem, but when I tell it to fix it, it thinks its fixed but nothing happens. And if I run the task again it detects the problem again. I honestly have no idea what the problem is, yes the...
  13. UnknowVector

    It's everyone's favorite number

    Heh, just noticed, its sort of a landmark number I guess, and its shows how big this forum is now! Yeah that didnt save very well, o well i think you can still read it.
  14. UnknowVector

    cannot upload animated avatar

    Is this just me being stupid or an actual bug? This is what I get when I try to bring in a new avatar. :( thats werid because Im using an animated image right now, it fits the size requirements, 80x80 and 42 kbs, I cant even upload an older version that Ive used before.
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    I found this comic on the internet, huge crap load of stripes and funny as heck. Heres a real good one!
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    Figured Ild juice up this forum, with...
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    Took me a week to post this here, it was in another forum : Meh... procrastination ftw
  18. UnknowVector

    Niblet question

    I feel stupid asking this after spending a week learning to use Blender and coming along nicly, but does warcraft 3 support quads, or just the usual triangles? I know some things don't support them (like opengl) because they can make a convex image when the vertexs and camara are just right.
  19. UnknowVector

    Jet-Powered Beer Cooler

    Check it. Some guy (who made half of Star Wars Episode 4 in ASCII art on the same page, google search "ASCII") wanted cold bear and this is the product.
  20. UnknowVector

    How to clean cookies

    Yes I searched this forum, and the bugs forum. Do I have to kill them off individualy in the cookie folder? Am I missing something? I'm sick of the list, and they annoy me.