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  1. trb92

    Installing Warcraft 3 with no CD-DRIVE .. ??

    Since you have the CD-Key, you can go to the store and create an account, then add the game using the CD-Key and download the installer.
  2. trb92

    Which games are you psyched about?

    Diablo3 TESV: Skyrim (Less than four months!) Those are the games I'm looking forward to right now.
  3. trb92

    Expected Call Errors?

    Custom script: DestroyForce(udg_MyPlayerGroup) should be Custom script: call DestroyForce(udg_MyPlayerGroup)
  4. trb92

    University Terms

    Note that my definitions are Canadian, and may not be consistent in other countries (but likely are for things like this) Honours - Generally, to get your bachelors degree you either go through a three year general program or a four year honours program. The honours simply makes it a longer...
  5. trb92

    Spellpack Shadow Sting Spellpack

    >(bj_PI / 2) is redundant, it's just going to come out to 1.57 anyways, because reals in WC3 only have accuracy to three decimal points, so replace it with Cos(1.57) and Sin(1.57). local real r = Cos(bj_PI/2) local real halfPi = bj_PI/2 local real r2 = Cos(1.57) call...
  6. trb92

    Realm of the Mad God

    I play as Kjifs
  7. trb92

    System Simple Low Level Save/Load Framework

    If it's that easy, then add the indented code to your first post so that it is somewhat readable. It likely would have taken me longer to find the different libraries then it did to simply hit down and tab alot.
  8. trb92

    System Simple Low Level Save/Load Framework

    For those that wanted indented code (Not that it makes it much more readable, due to the way Nestharus codes). I apologise if I missed anything. >I assume that most GUI users won't be using any sort of map optimizer and will barely be able to even get vjass working in their map. So you...
  9. trb92

    Realm of the Mad God

    Yeah, I got that I need to reach a certain level. What I didn't know at the time I asked, but have since found out, was that I had to die to change. I was looking for a class change dude. I finally died at level 17, and now I know how to change. >There's like 14 classes in all and you need...
  10. trb92

    Realm of the Mad God

    This is surprisingly entertaining, though I have a question: How do you change your class from Wizard?
  11. trb92

    Cool Portal 2 concept: Revisiting the portal with Size integration parameter.

    >What if the person goes through it? Do they get smaller too? Yes, but the way I see it if you went through the small portal you would become big again when you came out the big portal. Portals work both ways.
  12. trb92

    not using the morph animation it should Oo

    This trigger works to make it play the morph second animation in a test map. Untitled Trigger 001 Copy Events Player - Player 1 (Red) Presses the Left Arrow key Conditions Actions Animation - Play Footman 0000 <gen>'s morph second animation
  13. trb92

    System Msgs

    >i should've started implementing cjass
  14. trb92

    Hepl me with spell....

    Change call GroupRemoveUnit(enum) to call GroupRemoveUnit(G, enum)
  15. trb92

    Patrol Ability

    I don't know of any way to remove just Patrol, but you can change the tooltip for things like it, move, and attack near the bottom of Gameplay Interface if you enable UMSWE in NewGen.
  16. trb92

    Dose this trigger cause leak ? if does , how to remove it ...

    Cast Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to (some ability) Actions Set Point = (Target point of ability being cast) Special Effect - Create a special effect at Point using...
  17. trb92

    Portal (but mostly Portal 2)

    In Portal 2, you can find the drydock where the Borealis was. The Borealis appeared in HL2 Episode 2.
  18. trb92

    Portal (but mostly Portal 2)

    Beat the single player campaign this morning, it is awesome. Can't wait to find someone that I can play the co-op with, but unfortunately noone I know on steam has been playing it. >How many are there? There are 9 chapters, IIRC.
  19. trb92

    TD drol's TD

    Bug: The Holy Fire Beacon's display range ability is inaccurate, the circle it makes is far smaller then the 750 range the tower has. The stargate has the same issue.
  20. trb92

    Suggest interesting TV shows

    >there are 11 books totally (I think 12th is in making) Nah, the Sword of Truth series is over. I read the books first, but I still enjoyed Legend of the Seeker. It is very different, I'll admit, but good. >Smallville is pretty interesting (mostly the earlier seasons though). Note: Don't watch...