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  1. DogOfHavoc

    Urban Rivals

    This is a FanFic I wrote for a contest on Double or Nothing Part 1 “Look, I’m not saying we have to whack him, but we sure as hell can’t let him get up into that ring tomorrow,” Donnie said, grinding his cigar to an ashy pulp. He swirled the ashes around in the tray...
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    Short Story Untitled Horror

    This is an excerpt from a novel I'm writing. I recently started doing some major rewrites and this entire part of the story has been excised. I hope you enjoy it. The man in the black suit and tie flicked his cigarette into the storm drain. Water was swirling about in the street and it...
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    Modern Warfare 2: Arab Money

    A video my friends and I made for fun.
  4. DogOfHavoc

    Cod Machimia

    My friends and I are making a machinima (video game movie) using Modern Warfare 2. We have writers,equipment to record and editing software. What we need is people willing to be in game models/actors and voice actors. In game actors can be any age but must be able to follow directions. Higher...
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    Best Karate. Ever.
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    RP Welcome to the Family

    Welcome to the Family It's about time you got your hands dirty. In "Welcome to the Family" you assume the role of an Associate, a low-level thug for the Mafia. Through missions, raids and jobs you can advance up the Mob hierarchy, acquiring better weapons/properties/clothing and...
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    Who's taken them? I took them 3 times and got my results today. I got a 2210 and I'm pretty happy. How'd everyone else do?
  8. DogOfHavoc

    Why does the editor fail to load skins/models sometimes?

    So i imported a model, closed and opened world edit. The model was there and it looked fine. I placed it in the map. Since then, I've worked on the map a few times, and the model always looked and worked fine. Today, when I opened the map to work on it i got an error in green text saying the...
  9. DogOfHavoc

    Change Ownership

    I want to create a trigger like this: Player 1 attacks Player 2's castle. Castle takes damage. Once the castle's health drop below X change owner of the castle to player 1 and give the castle full hp. Best way to do this?
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    Anyone listen to Nas? He's an amazing rapper. I'd say he's the best lyricist around, rivaling the late great B.I.G. A lot of his songs are really innovative, for example of of his songs is narrated by a gun.
  11. DogOfHavoc

    Favorite Book?

    Self-explanatory. And yes it is possible to have more than one. I'd say Cat's Cradle, The Great Gatsby or To Kill a Mockingbird. Many many more as well.
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    Anyone listen to him? For those of you who don't he's a rapper from Malibu. He only has one album out so far, but it's really good. Check him out.
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  14. DogOfHavoc

    Download Warcraft?

    I'm at my friend's house. Both his RoC of TFT discs are broken but he still has the cd codes for both. We are trying to reinstall them. I seem to remember that Blizzard recently made it possible to download the game from their website via cd code. Could someone toss me the link to both...
  15. DogOfHavoc

    Done School

    So school is out for the summer, took my last exam this morning. When do you fellas get off the old academic grind?
  16. DogOfHavoc

    Metal Gear Solid for Xbox

    Metal Gear Solid: Rising has been announced for xbox 360. It will follow Raiden instead of Solid Snake. It's toward the end.
  17. DogOfHavoc

    "Poo Poo Terrorist Caught"

    A 50 year old man was captured in Norway, and charged with being the serial Poo Poo Terrorist. His crimes include filling a woman's car with 10 liters of his own excrement. Story here
  18. DogOfHavoc

    Too Cheap to Buy, Too Expensive to Sell

    Here's a short story I wrote for English. I thought I'd share it with you guys and see what you think. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit into the genre for the Short Story Contest. Oh well. Too Cheap to Buy, Too Expensive to Sell “Hah another one,” Jack thought triumphantly as he tossed the...
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    Idle Musings

    It was still very early. Pete and I were sitting in a small cafe, sipping coffee. I huddled over my cup, fingers interlocked around it. It was a small building, with only four booths and cheap lighting. It was was the kind of place one walked into and expected to see dirt. One was rarely...
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    New Artist

    This guy has a lot of soul behind his music. I really like him.