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  1. Strilanc

    Modified heal only autocasts to the left

    I have a modified medivac heal spell, which I have given to a modified planetary fortress. The idea is that hero units come back to the base to be healed. Before the patch everything worked fine, but now it will only start casting if the hero stands slightly below and to the left of the...
  2. Strilanc

    Something odd about neural parasite

    I was playing impossible scenarios and made it to the last level. Figuring I would neural parasite my way to victory I made infestors only to discover something very odd: The AI attacks any unit you ORDER the spell on, whether or not you cast it! Needless to say, that made the level super easy...
  3. Strilanc

    Is it possible to make stim autocast when attacking enemy units?

    I have a modified stim ability, with no hp cost, and I want to have it autocast when the caster is attacking an enemy unit. What I tried to do is use the same validators as the charge ability, since it has the autocast behavior I want. Unfortunately, now the unit just constantly autocasts...
  4. Strilanc

    Is there a 'smart' order?

    I want to modify the charge ability to issue a right-click order instead of an attack order. The basic problem I'm trying to solve is that if you cast charge on a point, the zealot attack-moves and so will be distracted by enemies. Also, if you cast charge on an allied unit, you attack it...
  5. Strilanc

    Galaxy Editor Pitfalls

    Learning to use a new editor is an exercise in frustration and discovery. I figured we should make a list of "gotchas" that new editors might also run into. I'll start. Post your own below and I'll include the good ones in the main post. - Unlike WC3 and SC1, start locations are not a unit...
  6. Strilanc

    How to disable "Under Attack!" notifications for some players?

    The under attack notifications are extremely annoying when there is always fighting happening around the map. They cover the minimap in pings and spam noise. How do I disable them for particular players?
  7. Strilanc

    Figured out how to auto-train arbitrary unit types

    I figured out how to get any building with a single unit type to automatically train units. First, you need a hacky function to convert an ability command to an order, using custom text: Convert AbilCommand to Order Options: Function Return Type: Order Parameters...
  8. Strilanc

    Why isn't this "order when unit created" trigger working?

    I'm trying to give units attack-move orders as they are trained, based on whether or not a behavior is present. So I have this trigger: AutoPath Events Unit - Any Unit creates a unit with Any or Any Local Variables Conditions ((Created Unit()) has AutoPath)...
  9. Strilanc

    Fake players on the loose

    You may have noticed this recently. I certainly have. You host a game, and when the screen shows up there's already a player joined. Or maybe you refreshed and an instant later a player joins. They don't talk, they don't respond, /whereis-ing them shows they are not in the game. They just sit...
  10. Strilanc

    System Strilanc's Vehicle System [beta]

    I've been working on a racing map with realistic physics, and I've decided to post it here so other people can take a look at how the vehicles are done. I'm calling it a system because if you copy-paste the triggers in the 'Vehicle System' category [TI, Vector, Physics, Vehicle], you can have...
  11. Strilanc

    How blizzard will protect their maps

    This is a post about how I believe blizzard will protect their maps. Everything I describe is do-able, and effective. I don't think there's anything else they could do. It's all speculation, but it's really the only reasonable thing they can do. I will laugh very hard if they have a "please...
  12. Strilanc

    Minigame Robot Christmas -|Map of the Week #6|

    In this Christmas themed map you control which units are trained, and where factories go. That's it. Everything else is handled by the surprisingly-fun-to-watch bot AI. The reason the AI is fun to watch is because the individual bots follow very simple rules, but work together to get tasks...
  13. Strilanc

    Importing a custom common.j

    I've been trying to import a custom common.j and I keep having problems. What I did: - Used MPQViewer to extract common.j from war3.mpq - *Modified common.j to include GetUnitGoldCost and GetUnitWoodCost (also tried without modifying) - Went to the import manager in world edit and imported...