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    Jass NewGen Errors

    I'm using a 358x380 (Around there) map size with Jass NewGen. I imported a custom loading screen, but then when I try to go and edit the loading screen itself with the picture and I try to press "OK" when I'm done, I get this error: The full map area (135168 cells) exceeds the limit of...
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    Error When Exporting From GMAX

    OK, so I finished my model and I didn't want to animate it first (it's a building so I would have to work with particle emitters and I decided not to bother with that yet since I know nothing about particle emitters) so I tried to export it. I selected the whole model, clicked the hammer...
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    Novel 44

    Writers Note - I have never written before (besides scripts for my warcraft project, the New Age), I'm just a high school student who had an idea and started writing. I'm not so sure on how good my writing is, in fact I think it's not that great, but I decided to present it anyways. So, I...
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    Anybody else addicted?
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    These are some awesome sites. Songza is a site where you just type in whatever and the music will come up so you can listen. Pandora is a website with this thing called Pandora Radio. You create your own station in which you put in an Artist or a Song. It will play that song, or a song by...
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    Regarding the Defend Ability

    I have two questions regarding Defend. 1. Is the movement speed factor hard coded? 2. Is it possible to detect the Activation/Deactivate of this ability via GUI? A custom script, possibly?
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    A Few Questions For Milkshape Users

    Two Things 1. I think I asked this before, but - How to I convert a MDL or MDX file into a MS3D file? 2. Regarding bones - how to I copy them (I have made half the bones for a model, but I want to mirror it on the side)
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    Editing Models in Milkshape

    So, I'm attempting to edit the Snap Dragon model in Milkshape. I exported the model using Magos, and its under MDX. I tried to import this into Milkshape, but I always get the error - "Wrong File Format - Imported Aborted" - and it does the same thing when I try using MDL Format. Any ideas?
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    Ability Help - Sovereign Howl

    I'm making an ability called Sovereign Howl for a unit who is permanently invisible except when attacking. Anyways, the ability effects enemy units within 600 range, and forces them to move to wherever the casting unit is in 10 seconds. Here's my trigger, but whenever I try to use it it doesn't...
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    Ability Help - Snare Trap

    I'm making an ability called Snare Trap. Snare Traps are wards, where if a unit comes within 250 degrees of them, every unit within 400 degrees of the Snare Trap becomes ensnared. Any ideas on how I could do this?
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    You know... WoW lore isn't as bad as it is thought out to be.

    (IMO) Think of Vanilla WoW. There were a lot of interesting things there. The whole hakkar thing, that was cool, although you had to do a bit of research to know what was happening. Ahn'Quiraj, that was pretty amazing as well, if you look up the War of the Shifting Sands on wowwiki. The...
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    Campaign Warcraft IV: The New Age - |Map of the Week #10|

    An intricate alternate timeline of Warcraft taking place after the Frozen Throne. It is inspired by much of Blizzards work. Credit to blizzard where do. Warcraft IV: the New Age...