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  1. NightShade

    wall detect bounce problem

    Yesterday I decided to make a 2D platform game. To make the game slightly different I decided to make the game revolve around the player bouncing (not jumping) off of things, so I made these triggers to do so. bounce y Events Time - Every 0.01 seconds of game time...
  2. NightShade

    trigger editor crash

    Whenever I try to make a action, event, or condition my editor crashes. There's not much more information that I can give than that. So is this a known bug or is this case unique? and more importantly, is there a way to fix this?
  3. NightShade

    Hydra Thriller Dance with GE

    Not sure if this should be in the humour section or not. <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  4. NightShade

    President Taft's Secret Pony Brigade

    Not as good as charlie the unicorn but whatever. <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  5. NightShade

    Toronto G20

    This Why they had to make it (G20, and therefore a security zone) in one of the busiest places in the entire country I really don't know. :banghead: Luckily I'll miss it, but my friends who won't have gotten kinda annoyed. Anyones thoughts?
  6. NightShade

    save bug

    I thought that this was brought up before, but I also thought that this was fixed. I just noticed that when I edit one of my posts I often see that it has a vote now button and no save button, though clicking the vote now does the same thing as the save. even stranger is that sometimes I...
  7. NightShade

    double posts

    I haven't been able to find any reference to double posting in any rules, did I miss something? I've noticed that a lot of new users have double posted and was wondering if they hadn't read the forum rules, then I searched and didn't find anything mentions. I thought they were discouraged.
  8. NightShade

    Blizzard account problem

    I decided to to catch up with the times and get a 2 account. Everything was going smoothly until it asked me to give a postal code and then rejected mine. I tried with a few other thought up postal codes to check and they didn't work either.:( looks like there're six characters...
  9. NightShade

    protoss gun

    I was bored and I decided to draw something. I'm not sure what should go in the background so I just added some random effects for now. Not sure about the gun thing either. advice and ideas would be appreciated.
  10. NightShade

    fast logout

    If I'm inactive for about 10-15 minutes on the forum I get logged out. that's about as long as some of the youtube videos people post and it has gotten really annoying. Is this supposed to happen?:confused:
  11. NightShade

    warcraft 1

    Is warcraft going to become abandonware or has it become deadware? Blizzard doesn't sell it anymore as far as I'm aware but they haven't made it free. Are they just letting the game die?
  12. NightShade

    warcraft quits when on

    I tried to go on and like normal I automatically downloaded the new patch, but after I had downloaded the new patch warcraft froze and then quit. I tried to go on a few more times but the same thing happened. Does anybody know what might cause this and how to fix it...
  13. NightShade

    online functions list

    Is there anywhere on the internet a functions list for JASS? I'm pretty sure there must be or how did the people who made things like newgen know what every single function is. Please tell me if you know where one is.
  14. NightShade

    end of line error

    function Trig_counting_Actions takes nothing returns nothing set udg_damage_amount = udg_damage_amount+2.555 call SetTextTagTextBJ( udg_poison_text, R2S(udg_damage_amount), 10 )(udg_damage_amount) ) endfunction...
  15. NightShade

    can't play any maps!

    I can't play any maps!!:eek: my maps folder is still in my warcraft 3 folder and still has plenty of maps in it. does anybody know how to fix this? and, what it's caused by. something similar to this happened one other time but that was when I organized my maps into different folders...
  16. NightShade

    leaving warcraft III?

    when starcraft 2 comes out, is anyone still gonna continue making warcaraft maps. I ask this cause there are a lot of good unfinished warcraft maps out there and I was wondering if those maps are still going to be worked on. I personally am still going to stick to warcraft maps because there...
  17. NightShade

    loading screen lag

    I've always noticed that that near the beginning and end of the loading process the loading bar slows down considerably or stops. I believe that at one of these times the graphics are loading, but what's happening at the other time:confused:( and is it at the beginning or the end or the end when...
  18. NightShade

    all trigger spell

    I made a all trigger spell which, when one presses and holds the up arrow key, damage is accumulated (4 a second) and when one releases the up arrow ket the damage is dealt to the surrounding enemy units( of my hero ). however, my spell seems to do too much damage, for instance, if I hold down...
  19. NightShade

    colored JASS

    When I've looked at JASS tutorials I've noticed that the pictures of script show that the script is color coded making it easier to understand. However, when I try to write JASS my script is not colored at all. I'm wondering if anyone knows a solution to my problem.
  20. NightShade

    Iconpack demonic iconpack

    Some icons I made meanwhile messing around with GIMP. used the IconBorderPack.PSD and edited the orb of corruption icon. here's the preview: Hope you like them:) please leave comments.