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  1. AgentPaper

    System for playing a media file on 3 displays

    Ok, so I need to set up a system where a media file is played across 3 screens, side-by-side, such that the 3 screens together display the single image. These would be large HDTV screens, so I would assume an HDMI output. Ideally the system would also play sound. Doesn't need to be anything...
  2. AgentPaper

    Can't open flash drive

    I recently bought a Sandisk flash drive (32GB Cruzer Fit). It had been working fine, but then I lent it to my parents, who needed to move a large file around. However, after getting it back I can no longer open it. It shows up in my Favorites bar when I insert it, but when I click on that I get...
  3. AgentPaper

    Changing volume scaling

    Is this possible? Currently running Windows 7, using some plantronics headphones, and I'm finding myself constantly sitting at 0/100 volume, and beyond that also reducing the volume of most games to 10-20%. Even then, some things just remain too loud, especially in cases where I can't control...
  4. AgentPaper

    Laptop for light gaming and work

    I'm currently looking to buy a new laptop, which I intend to use mostly for work (aka: very light load), but also as a sort-of gaming rig for when I'm travelling. I don't need to be able to run the latest and greatest games by any means, but something that can run most games on low-medium...
  5. AgentPaper

    Super-bargain computer for office work

    I've been tasked with building new computers for everyone here at the office, since the current ones are starting their age, to say the least. Anyways, as a rock-bottom bargain starting point, I came up with the following build: Case/PSU: APEX MI-008 Black Steel Mini-ITX Tower...
  6. AgentPaper

    Choosing a Computer

    Welp, it's getting to be new computer time again. As always, while I spend half my life on my computer, I don't actually know that much about how to build/choose a good one, so I turn to you for help. What I need: - Must be portable, since I have to move it between home and work each day, but...
  7. AgentPaper

    Ask a Beta Player

    Hey guys, haven't posted here in a while, but since I got into the Diablo 3 beta, I figured I'd come over and answer and questions you guys might have. I've completed the beta with all 5 classes, so if you have any questions about the beta, feel free to ask.
  8. AgentPaper

    Changing a unit's mass ingame

    Does anyone know of a way to do this? I've got my unit spawning triggers (TD) set up to automatically set the unit's HP to the correct amount, but I can't seem to change their mass in any way...I need their mass to increase as levels go higher, but which unit is at which level is randomized so I...
  9. AgentPaper

    A good pair of headphones

    So, I seem to have bad luck with buying headphones. I've gotten 3 in the past two months, and they've all broken. I've gotten returns for at least 2 of them, might be able to for the last one, not sure. That's not really my concern though. What I'm looking for is a good, solid pair of...
  10. AgentPaper

    "Set Unit Progress" and Construction

    So, having some more trouble with my map. Specifically, I need it to be able to set a building's construction progress to a certain point with triggers, so that I can have it build over a number of turns, instead of in X seconds. I've got a system that works pretty well for unit training, but...
  11. AgentPaper

    Angle within bounds, always comes back false.

    I've got a trigger that relies pretty heavily on checking whether or not the angle between a specific unit and a point (actually a set of points) is within a certain range. However, I've been having trouble with the condition of this ability, which seems to always come back false no matter what...
  12. AgentPaper

    Adding an event to a trigger

    Is this just not possible anymore? It's not in the GUI, but can you use custom script and/or Galaxy code to do it? My problem is that I have a trigger that creates a hex grid of regions, and I want a trigger to run whenever a unit enters one of them, but I can't seem to figure out how to make...
  13. AgentPaper

    API for Dark GDK?

    So, I've recently gotten Dark GDK to help me make 2d games with C++, (and eventually 3d games, but I'm not planning that far yet) and it's working fine, but I can't for the life of me find a place that lists all the functions that Dark Basic (Which is what Dark GDK uses, right?) gives you. So...
  14. AgentPaper

    [Java] Wait?

    I'm having some trouble making my program wait. Basically, at some point I want the program to display an image, an animated .gif file, and then I want it to replace that .gif with another image after the .gif has finished playing after 2 seconds. However, wait(2000) and Thread.sleep(2000) just...
  15. AgentPaper

    Computer overheating/shutting down

    Recently, I've been having trouble with my computer getting too hot, and shutting down because of it. (at least I assume) It didn't used to get hot nearly this easily, and the fans seem to be working, but still if the temperature in the room goes above 50 or so, it just shuts down after a while...
  16. AgentPaper

    Autocasting a summon spell and mirror image with a summoned unit

    My friend from another site does mapping, and this is a problem he has, which I have found myself stumped about. Quoted from his post:
  17. AgentPaper

    D&D - Online Campaign: Recruitment

    It seems we have at least some interest in starting up a Dungeons and Dragons online campaign. So far, we have Pineapple and Kc102 at least willing to play, and we need at least one more person, preferably 2, to join to play. If you haven't played DnD before, don't worry, as we can teach you how...
  18. AgentPaper


    Trying to get at the normal wc3 campaign maps, so I got PowerMPQ. Downloaded fine, installed fine, but for some reason, whenever I start up the program, it does nothing. Absolutely nothing. Using 1.3 (not the beta), downloaded from the main site. Using windows XP on a newish computer, if that...
  19. AgentPaper

    Standard Campaign Download

    I'm interested in making a version of the entire standard wc3 campaign. Basically, making it multiplayer, as well as a few other nice additions. Anyways, I tried using some of the MPQ editor programs, but none seem to work, or they just don't for me. So, instead of breaking my face...
  20. AgentPaper

    Creating Local Variables

    This is probably a stupid question, but I'm getting a weird error trying to create some local unit variables: Custom script: local unit udg_AttackUnit Custom script: local unit udg_AttackedUnit I have variables for each with the exact name, but for some reason it's not...