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    Replaced Unit won't Attack-Move

    Hello, I have a wave of minions that as soon at it appears it will Attack-Move to one of two enemy tower lines, but once it reaches the middle it will be replaced by another minion. Everything good so far. My problem is that the replaced minion will stay still once it is converted, this is the...
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    Unit Highlighted in HUD

    Hello, I am working in an RPG/Arena/TD, and I want a unit to be highlighted (for easy access) like the Hero is highlighted (shown in picture), but I don't want the unit to become a Hero. The Heroes are Created (purchased) at the beginning of the game. Also, I was having trouble to make the...
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    Lands of Everia

    Hello my name is Gaspar and im currently working on this Hero Defence/Arena/RPG game that ill explain: -You start in 1 of two cities (5v5) -You choose a Hero from the Melee or Magic Hero Summoners -You can [-repick] for the first 2 minutes of the game - [-info] for Commands info. - [-español]...
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    Item that can only be picked up by a certain Unit.

    Hi the guys! I need help with this, I need an Item that can only be picked up by a certain Unit, in this case an acient, and not by a hero.