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  1. undeadorcjerk

    Wallpaper Space Scene

    Warning, large picture. Here's a link to deviantArt because I can't find spoiler tags on here and I don't want to blow up the page. :p This was made solely by hand using the brush tool, layer blending, clipping masks, and some...
  2. undeadorcjerk

    Signature Guess who's back...

    Back again. Nile's back. Tell your friends. First signatures since... *checks posting history* January 26th, 2012.... Damn... I missed this. Hey! Its not Saber. You're all welcome. Let me know what you think.
  3. undeadorcjerk

    undeadorcjerk: or "800+ rep thanks to all of you!"

    What's up guys, I'm Nile. I'm here today to finally write my story after saying I was going to do it like two weeks ago. I suck at introductions so we'll just get into things. The Beginning: So waaaaay back in 2006 my young fourteen year old mind was greatly interested in the amazing world...
  4. undeadorcjerk

    Signature Auditore

    What's up guys. I'm back with another signature. Hopefully this one does the greatest video game character of all time justice. Comments are appreciated.
  5. undeadorcjerk

    Signature The Creed

    Hey Guys! Nile's back! Its been a long time since I've logged on to the forum and a lot longer since I've posted. So to welcome me back you should all just destroy my very atrophied skills at making a signature. Keep in mind that I came in second in the last tournament and that its been...
  6. undeadorcjerk

    A website design

    I made this website design for my friends and I. We're trying to make a website for our group. I want some critique on it. What do you guys think of it?
  7. undeadorcjerk

    World Dozens dead from Earthquake in Turkey

    Istanbul, Turkey (CNN) -- A pre-dawn earthquake collapsed homes and killed at least 57 people in a mountainous region of southeastern Turkey on Monday, government officials said. About 71 others were injured when the magnitude-5.8 earthquake struck at 4:32 a.m., according to officials. The...
  8. undeadorcjerk

    deviantWEAR Design Battle 2010!

    DeivantArt is again holding its yearly design battle. Win this competition and get you design plastered onto a t-shirt for everyone to adore... and about $1000 to boot. There is no regional requirements so its open to everyone. I know we have some talented artists... I wanna see some hustle out...
  9. undeadorcjerk

    Large Piece Landscape

  10. undeadorcjerk

    Signature Death Knight

    First one in a looooooooooong time. Comentarios appreciated :D
  11. undeadorcjerk

    Signature Stormrage

    Vlah! Comments and Critique appreciated.
  12. undeadorcjerk

    Signature Tinker Bell!!!@!11@!!

    No, I haven't lost it... yet. Made this for my girl. She is obsessed with Tinker Bell. What y'all think. I personally didn't try for the really cool blur on the blue to her bottom right, but it looks badass in my opinion. This also is the first thing I've made in GIMP since about a year ago...
  13. undeadorcjerk

    Unreal Profile Theme

    I'm copying Pineapple here, plus I've no PS. Gotta do something entertaining. I really like the unreal theme. So here is my version. Its not perfect. But it looks damn close. All images must be saved in your own Image Album: Create it there and mark...
  14. undeadorcjerk

    Signature Arthas

    No inspiration, just bored. Nothing different in the versions cept color change, barely. And Yes, I know its monotone, get over it. I like monotone.
  15. undeadorcjerk

    Signature Man of Many Secrets

    Another request. Same rules as last time kids.
  16. undeadorcjerk

    Signature Fireblaze

    Made this sig for a friend. He requested the text. I want you guys to focus on the text. Does it look good, does it fit? I suck with text so I need critique on it the most. Looks best in Unreal theme.
  17. undeadorcjerk

    Signature Let Them Cry

    Only because people won't stop complaining about my constant barrage of Saber signatures. DMC4 was the bomb. I liked it a lot. Make sure you guys comment.
  18. undeadorcjerk

    Signature The Mission

    This time the name comes from the song I was currently listening to on SiriusXM Channel 21, Alt Nation. The song was The Mission by Puscifer. What'cha think?
  19. undeadorcjerk

    Signature Burning

    I don't know why I constantly put this render into the flames.
  20. undeadorcjerk

    Signature King Arthur

    Newest: Fave on DA: