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  1. RangerX

    Test your perception

    ty ty ;)) Edit : i found this site so ill be good for couple of minutes playing around with my mind:))=))
  2. RangerX

    Test your perception

    yes it is :D tyvm
  3. RangerX

    Test your perception

    How do i find more of this what it is called. the idea is that if you stare at this picture eventually you will see a motorcycle in a 3d perspective fashion but you need to see it in a new page and enlarge it a bit
  4. RangerX

    Making a good icon for spells

    every icons must have more version read this tutorial
  5. RangerX

    Reflect if missile comes in front, do not it it comes from behind

    try not to use angles instead use areas in front and behind if the projectile enters the front area reflect if not don't [i don't make maps anymore so i can't help you with the targets ]
  6. RangerX

    Wallpaper Tree in rain

    Ty for comments :) . ///it's more of compositional brush blending manipulation [no stock pictures were used] this is a version pre-monotone
  7. RangerX

    Wallpaper Tree in rain

  8. RangerX

    Team thn

    i can easily help you on normal ;) if you are on Europe
  9. RangerX

    Team thn

    TH.N Name: RangerX Battletag: Screamless#2171 Region: Europe
  10. RangerX

    Is this "game" the way you thought it is ?

    CUz i lost the bet i put L as my avatar and +rep you .... see you ingame:) battletag:"
  11. RangerX

    ;) i didn't when i get the game i will:) EDIT: i got the game and i lost the bet ~~ game tag...

    ;) i didn't when i get the game i will:) EDIT: i got the game and i lost the bet ~~ game tag : Screamless#2171
  12. RangerX

    [Loadingscreen Picture Request] Evolution

    Here is something i done in about 2 hours :) hope it's serve you good. off:this is my post after really long time:D yey :p
  13. RangerX

    Iconpack Orbs and Others

    lol ... ty for your time:) well i forgot about this icons:))[i forgot about this site with all the work at my job~~]
  14. RangerX

    Is this "game" the way you thought it is ?

    well that editor is fantastic;) but i don't have time for spell/maps making like old days when i was doing war3;) and it's a deal .
  15. RangerX

    Is this "game" the way you thought it is ?

    well i suppose I'm the weird one in this situation ... so thanks for taking your time in answering this "question" maybe my expectations were way to high:)
  16. RangerX

    Is this "game" the way you thought it is ?

    i mean is it like you wanted to be ? and i speak about Diablo3 i think is way to childish the fact that you cant chose your spells and be bound to them is bad... the feeling is way to calm even in dungeons and so on ... the champs first armors and followers look just like heroes from WOW ... was...
  17. RangerX

    Various Artwork

    first 2 awesome :D
  18. RangerX

    Terrain Editor, help (SIMPLE)

    it will be nice if you actualy tell him how in case he dosen't know :) in the editor go to Window--> Brushlist
  19. RangerX

    Where shall i work on the most?

    i chosed Items Modes functions and AI cuz heroes and spells are easier and more fun to do ... [i always start with things that i don't like to do so when i finish to to this things i can really enjoy making the map :)
  20. RangerX

    Would anyone mind making a banner for me?

    np :P just ask and if i can i'll do it :P