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  1. trb92

    Question about Monitor Resolution

    My monitor runs best at 1360x768, according to the documentation. I've been running it at that resolution with no problems. At least, I was until this morning. I shut my computer off last night, like I do most nights, and then when I turned it on this morning it had changed to 1280x768...
  2. trb92


    This is probably my favourite crime show ever. Anyone else watch it? For people that haven't heard of Dexter, here's a brief explanation of what this awesome show is about: The books are also great. Can't wait for the fourth one.
  3. trb92

    Cannot enable "Windows Automatic Update"

    Today my computer told me that windows had an update for me, so I clicked the tray icon to update. Upon attempting I got this message from the Windows Update webpage I did as it said, and found that only Automatic Updatd was disabled. I tried to enable it, but I got this message. I found...
  4. trb92

    Video Card Question

    Is there a PCI (not Express) Video Card that will run Spore? I've been looking, but am unable to find one. Specs that Spore needs in a video card 128 MB Support for PixelShader 2.0
  5. trb92

    Dummies should move but don't

    I'm making a spell, and as a part of it dummies with a fireball model should spin around the caster. This is the code that should make them spin. private function Spin takes nothing returns boolean local Data d = TT_GetData() local integer i = 1 local real x local real y...
  6. trb92

    Obituary for a Dream

    A funny song, by a Canadian comedy singing duo called "The Black Roses" igC6t0m6rM0
  7. trb92

    System Attributes

    Attributes Purpose: To enable easy addition of stats on level up Why I made this: The only other attribute addition system I found was by emjlr3, and it only worked for one hero per player. That doesn't work for my map, so I made this one. His also uses items to do the addition, whereas...
  8. trb92


    This is probably my favourite flash game ever. It's made by Armor Games. They found that in most Zombie games, you end up killing the zombies. They decided to change that.
  9. trb92

    Condition not working properly

    I have this code, to detect when a unit enters the map. When a hero enters the map, created via call CreateUnit(arguments), it shows the "Returning false" message. If I comment out/delete the IsUnitType function, it returns true. How come that comparison doesn't return true even when the unit...
  10. trb92

    Target Point of Item Being Used

    Why is there no such function? Or, is there and I'm just missing it somewhere? If there isn't, is there some way to get this point?
  11. trb92

    Stephen Lynch

    I've been looking through the Humor pages, and found to my horror that noone I can find has posted anything by Stephen Lynch yet... These are NSFW(Not Safe For Work/School/Ermm... Ever, really). These are just a couple of my favourite songs by him: If I Were Gay D&D Gerbil Halloween...
  12. trb92

    Never Ending Level Game

    The Never Ending Level Game Anyone played this? It's a flash game that starts out easy, but then starts challenging you. I'm stuck at level 62/160.
  13. trb92

    You have to burn the rope

    This is a hilarious new game I found, with a funny song built in! You Have To Burn The Rope If you have trouble, 3 walkthroughs are linked to that site. Well, at least 3. If the web based version seems to fast for your liking, you can download it and it will work slower.
  14. trb92

    A little JASS help, please

    This trigger is in my map, but it doesn't work properly. function NextLevel_Filter takes nothing returns boolean return ( GetOwningPlayer(GetFilterUnit()) == Player(11) and GetUnitState(GetFilterUnit(),UNIT_STATE_LIFE) <= 0) endfunction function Trig_NextLevel_Conditions takes nothing...
  15. trb92

    Deleted Posts

    It says to ask here, so I am. Who was deleting my posts in the Hero Contest #2, and why? The original ones that were deleted were related to the contest, they should have stayed. The ones after I can understand why got deleted, but why were my original ones removed?
  16. trb92

    Struct Attachment Question

    What would be the best method for attaching a struct to a unit? I normally use ABC for struct attachment, but it only works for timers, triggers, and dialogs. What system should I use for unit attaching?
  17. trb92

    Help me find the problem, please.

    I made this trigger, which should show the damage dealt in a floating text, but it doesn't. However, the BJDebugMsg shows the correct damage, so I can't find a problem. Could one of the better JASS people here help me out? function ShowDamage_Actions takes nothing returns nothing local...
  18. trb92

    Annoying NewGen bug

    Not sure if I should have posted this in the NewGen thread or made my own, so if I did the wrong decision I'm sorry. On to my question. Is there any logical reason that a trigger should crash when the test map button is used, but not when warcraft is opened and the map is manually found...
  19. trb92

    Random Number Question

    This may be an odd request, but could someone help me compile a list of ingame things that can be set to random numbers via triggers? So far I have: Stats Level Targets of things attacking ground Resources Move speed Health Mana Anyone know of any other things that can be set to...
  20. trb92

    Trying to figure out why this doesn't work

    Ok, I have this in my code function Trig_CollisionDamage_Conditions takes nothing returns boolean return GetUnitTypeId(GetTriggerUnit()) == 'n000' endfunction function Trig_CollisionDamage_Actions takes nothing returns nothing call SetUnitLifeBJ( GetTriggerUnit(), (...