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  1. Ninja_sheep

    UK News Pirate Bay must be blocked, High Court tells ISPs

    Broadband providers Sky, Everything Everywhere, TalkTalk, O2 and Virgin Media must block users from accessing filesharing website The Pirate Bay, the High Court has ruled. Mr Justice Arnold said that the process must begin in the next few weeks. It followed his ruling in February that both...
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    Crime New York State Bans Sex Offenders From Online Gaming

    As part of a new initiative dubbed “Operation: Game Over," more than 3,500 registered sex offenders were banned from online gaming. Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman made the announcement today, adding that participants in the program include: Microsoft, Apple, Blizzard Entertainment...
  3. Ninja_sheep

    Are all those mouse button assignments possible on a logitech mx518?

    Hey I'm about to buy a logitech mx518 mouse since everyone seems to agree it's awesome. And it's not too expensive. Never had a gaming mouse though, so I want to be sure it can do all the things I want. -Can I assign a button to be 5 clicks at once? -About the buttons that change mouse...
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    Can you readd 'my posts' and 'my threads' to quick links?

    Hey With the new vBulletin it's no longer there. Can you add it again?
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    Prevent itunes from starting when I plug in ipod

    Hey I'm just trying to set this up so itunes won't start if I plug in my ipod, because usually I just want to recharge it. So I already googled for it and if I open itunes -> devices -> myipod -> summary -> options there is a checkbox with the name 'open itunes when this ipod is connected'...
  6. Ninja_sheep

    Buying new laptop

    Hey Another one of those threads :> For now just a quick question: Can this computer run SC2? (SC2 reqs here I'm too noob to understand this stuff though). (postin' it here because I'll probably ask more questions later) Really appreciate your help :)
  7. Ninja_sheep

    Uninstall Freenet?

    Hey there I'm just cleaning up my computer and I found I still had Freenet on it (I downloaded it just to check it out but never really used it). Now I'm having trouble deleting it. I guess it's one of those programs that are set up to make it extremly hard for you to delete them. Simple select...
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    Is the resolution of this video file high enough to play it on a beamer?

    Hey I have access to a projector from my dad so I can watch videos on it. However, is the resolution/quality of this file high enough to get a good picture? Or will it look pixely? Info about the file in attached picture Thanks :D
  9. Ninja_sheep

    Computer screen very dark/backgroundlight doesn't work

    edit: figured it out myself. Hello I'm trying to fix my moms computer. If you start it it goes normally until after the 'welcome'. Then the screen just went black. What I did was restart the computer in save mode and it worked just fine. I restored the system to a point about two days before...
  10. Ninja_sheep

    Question about TOR browser

    Hello I have a question about the TOR browser. I installed and used it yesterday. Today I go on wikipedia and somebody usetalked me about falsly editing a page. But I didn't do that. If I use TOR I get to use somebody elses IP. So somebody else can also use my IP? Hope somebody here...
  11. Ninja_sheep

    Adding screen to my laptop, screen is slightly off.

    Hey! I'm having problems adding a screen to my laptop. I get a picture on the monitor but it's always a little of center. After messing around with the resolution for a little bit I got it almost right. It's just a tiny bit off center to the right. How do I fix? Thanks in advancd :)
  12. Ninja_sheep

    What's the difference between british and US version of Wc3?

    Hey I'm just curious. What's the difference between GB and US version of the game?
  13. Ninja_sheep

    Mouse randomly starts clicking

    Hey My mouse randomly starts clicking. Usually starts after about 15min after I start the computer but it varies. Works again after I restart computer. For those 15min. I tried changing my mouse, but it still happens. Any idea how to fix it? Thanks in advance :)
  14. Ninja_sheep

    Problem with ipod internet

    Hey everybody i have some problem with internet on my ipod touch. It works perfectly fine at school but it just wont work at my friends house. My laptop and every other computer work fine. Any idea whats wrong or how i could fix it?
  15. Ninja_sheep

    Do I have a virus?

    Hey I'm not sure if there's a virus on my PC. I was happily surfing the web and there was a suspicious link for a video download. I clicked the link and it direclty lead me to the download of a .exe file. Pretty sure that is a virus, so I didn't download it. What threw me off however was my...
  16. Ninja_sheep

    Good headphones?

    Hey I need some help on buying new headphones. Up until now I just got the cheap headphones and they always break after about 4 months. I'm getting tired of that and I want to get some good headphones that last me for a wile. About the headphones... -They need some mechanism to hold on...
  17. Ninja_sheep

    Free 2 player games (on 1 computer)

    Hey I have a problem, I have no video game console, only a laptop. I know I can't expect much but I'm sure some of you guys know a few flash games or free downloadable games that have a 2-player mode. If you do, please post :> thaaaaaaaaaaaanks
  18. Ninja_sheep

    Problem with PDF form

    hey I have to fill out a PDF form and send it via e-mail. The problem is I can't edit the pdf file... I just can't type in it. Any way to type in the pdf form? I can also print it and send by normal mail, but e-mail is faster :< thanks in advanced
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    Phone salesman prank

  20. Ninja_sheep

    New browser on old computer?

    Hey I'm right now on a pretty old computer for quite some time. There is IE6 on it. Am I better off with a new version of firefox or IE6? Will the internet be noticibly faster if I use new firefox? I'm pretty sure I know the answer. It's just not my computer, so I don't want to mess...