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  1. emootootoo

    Loss of control of units

    anyone heard of loss of control of all units at random while playing a map? it's not very common but happens every time i test the map online atleast once it happens to all players at the same time you can't give any orders to units, but if you do, when the control loss ends (after...
  2. emootootoo

    RPG Profligacy

    Profligacy ORPG (Beta), where extravagance is just common sense. The Beginning (there’s always a beginning) Crawling out of a caustic cauldron, you find yourself in a darkened laboratory beneath a behemoth of a city, The City of Solace. Confused, curious, and wanting to cull your sense of...
  3. emootootoo

    Unit Pitch/Roll?

    Where's the equiv to maximum pitch/roll from world editor to rotate a unit sideways and stuff? If there is one anyway.
  4. emootootoo

    Map Init Desync

    Anyone know any common reasons a map desyncs a couple of players at Map Init? (They dc as soon as the map loads) 100% sure it's not GetLocalPlayer() I have a few Map Init events and a lot of 0.0 seconds elapsted ones also using Optimiser ( gonna try hosting without this and see if...
  5. emootootoo

    saving random item stats

    edited: alright i've updated it so now it only requires the actual stats to be saves and nothing else but still, i'm getting 40 character codes when i save 5 items with 4 random stats each is there any way to further shorten the code? is there some way to compress all the stat values so they...
  6. emootootoo

    Angle, not what it seems.

    I'm making a spell Fire Blast (ripoff from pokemon lol). The issue is that the angle I've set the units to be created from a center point is a bit off. Here's a picture to show what i mean: Notice how the stick figure is facing the wrong direction? It should be facing the direction it was...
  7. emootootoo

    RNG the same every game.

    My random number generator is getting the exact same seed every game (using test map AND on What's meant to happen is RANDOM units are supposed to spawn in RANDOM parts of different rects. But no, units are spawning as the exact same units and in the exact same spots when it...
  8. emootootoo

    RPG The Stygian Crusade

    The Stygian Crusade Title not final I will not bore you with plots. Terrain: My good friend Jack-Shephered has put some half-assed effort into it as a kind favour, and I have added my own features to it. So far we have a nice amount of it done, and I quite like it. Here's some...
  9. emootootoo

    Preloading an Ability (Issue)

    So, I'm using this system I found: function InitTrig_Preloader takes nothing returns nothing set gg_trg_Preloader = CreateTrigger( ) call UnitPreload('H001') call AbilityPreload('A001')...
  10. emootootoo

    Nulling returned handle vars?

    I've been looking into how to null a returned handle var. eg. function hithar takes nothing returns group local group g = CreateGroup() ... return g endfunction I've done some searches, and am getting mixed messages here. Source...
  11. emootootoo

    Another Unit Aura Issue

    So after I have smoothed out all of my aura issues, it turns out when I level up (via triggers) the unit aura that my hero has, the aura stops giving its buff to everything. The aura does level correctly. (based off command aura) Yes, all 25 levels have the same targets allowed fields. I have...
  12. emootootoo

    Unit Ability Aura Issue

    OK, so I've tried this on two different auras now, and both auras on two different heroes. Right clicked the aura, made a custom version of it in the ability editor. Left it as default. Gave it to my hero in the unit editor. Tested the map. Guess what? The aura icon doesn't...
  13. emootootoo

    Triggered Auras

    So I've been thinking of several ways to do custom auras, but they all seem to be pretty dodgy (never made 'em before). I really can't be bothered doing it the ways I have thought of so far. So is there some easy way I am overlooking? Basically all my aura has to do is give +spell damage...
  14. emootootoo

    Ability Preloading Times

    I'm sure there is someone with enough preloading experience to answer my question. I am to have several heroes in my map, who will each have 6 abilities, and these abilities will each have 50 levels. I would have loved to simply use level 1 abilities, and scale them dependant on the hero's...
  15. emootootoo

    Damage Reduction Text Change

    When you hover the mouse over a unit's armor icon, there is a field called "Damage Reduction: #%". I would like to know if it is possible to change the "#%" text, as I can only find the "Damage Reduction:" text in gameplay interface.
  16. emootootoo

    DotA Creep AI?

    To anyone that has played DotA, do you have any clue what the mechanics behind the creeps AI is? It may not be the best, but it sure beats normal wc3 AI when you attack move some units.. What I'm talking about is for example, when you attack an enemy hero with your hero, enemy creeps nearby...
  17. emootootoo

    Multiboard Problem

    I made this rough bit of code to test out making a multiboard for each player, however it only displays a multiboard for player 1. All other players (2-10) do not ever get a multiboard. (The global mb array is an array of size 10) function Trig_Display_Actions takes nothing returns nothing...
  18. emootootoo

    Armor Damage Reduction

    I looked into the gameplay constants to see what I could do about how much damage reduction you get from armor points. Sadly I could only find one constant which isn't helpful to me at all. Basically because of the formula that constant uses, no matter what I do with it, added damage...
  19. emootootoo

    Template Quest Template

    Quest Template by eMootootoo So basically here are the features and cons of my system: // Some features include: // - Easy to fill out configuration to set up quests quick. // - The whole system is click based, so to interact with a quest giver, you click the quest giver while your hero is...
  20. emootootoo

    Code Has a strange bug

    So basically the trigger loops through all the units with the QuestGiver ability on the map, and sets up their structs. It also makes the TalkToMeGREY.mdx model above the units head. It works fine, besides the fact that one unit never gets the model above its head. I made text tags to show me...