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    C++ Tutorials

    Anyone know where i can find C++ tutorials not on the basics?
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    vJass Checker

    Is there another vJass checker other than JassHelper?
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    Spell Idea's{ Fire }

    I need spell idea's. I want spell idea's that are only target a unit not target area Theme: Fire Spell Name: Description:
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    Do aliens exist

    Have you ever seen a ufo? if you haven't think about how much other people have. Do you think it's fake or real. They could be watching us right now. So do you think aliens exist?
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    Tags Located?

    Im just wondering but where are the tags located on an Invision Power Board because the style sheet is where you make how the tag look.
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    Need Spell Ideas

    I need spell idea's for map. I need them as an ice spell do as this Spell name: Your Spell Name Description: What spell does Type: What type of spell it is
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    Tutorial Editing an Icon

    Editing an Icon Requirements: Image Editing Program(I suggest gimp 2 or photoshop) Warcraft 3 Viewer Introduction In this tutorial I will be showing you how to edit an icon. We will be doing this with Warcraft 3 Viewer and with an image editing program. If you have any questions...
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    AoS Hero Conquerer

    Hero Conquerer Hero Conquerer is an aos map that i am working on i have made this because i am looking for people who can help. Summary Hero Conquerer will be an aos map Team Vs Team(5vs5) that you are suppose to destroy eachothers bases. You will pick heroes that you would like to use...