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    Help with Camera position and turning

    When locking a camera to a unit the camera locks at it and the unit is found at the middle of the screen, right? how would i be able to move the camera a little forward to have a most likely, 3rd person view. do you get what i mean? *BTW i am using a keyboard system, it is multiplayer...
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    Adding Animation

    Can someone teach me how to add animations to certain models such as the blademaster and others? (do anyone have the anime Bleach Models??)
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    Camera help

    i wanted to make the camera as a third person view, but i want it to have a litle offset in front of the unit. if the unit is looking at north(90) then i would just put a positive offset to y, but how would i do it if the unit is face, lets say 72 degrees or 143 degrees? i think i need some math...
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    AOE Jump

    I used warstomp as my base skill, i want to make the units around the caster to fly into the air, i want to avoid using trigers, just like the same effect in impale, the unit would fly in the sky without trigers, but i want to do it with no spikes(if possible), i tried changing art and buffs...
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    Basics of DoTA's Apotic shield

    how does the Apotic shield in dota work? i tried coping the skill i itried using unit takes damage as event and heals the unit the amount damaged but it cannot save the unit if the damage is greater than the units life.
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    Damage Target

    i am new at jass so this trigger is mostly composes of converted texts. function railgun_damage takes nothing returns nothing call UnitDamageTargetBJ( u, GetEnumUnit(), I2R(( GetUnitAbilityLevelSwapped('A001', u ) * 250 )), ATTACK_TYPE_CHAOS, DAMAGE_TYPE_UNIVERSAL ) endfunction...
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    how to change Stand animation to walk

    i want to change the STAND animation to WALK all the way... i think is is with the model? i am changing it bcoz im sliding it and i want him to look like walking
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    not avoiding obstacles while moving

    as u all know when there is a barel or a tree in the way.. me ------> x ----> # it will avoid the "x". is it possible that when an obstacle is in the way the unit will just bump the obstacle and stop??
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    Autocast to unautocatable?

    can i turn an autocastable skill, such as slow or inner fire, unautocastable without using any triggers?
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    Grand Prix

    Can someone explain the basics of the azeroth grand prix in GUI? i mean the "following camera", the movement and the machinegun? i can't get the movement right... i use intantly move but the walking animation doesn't play when i periodically move the unit instantly... need help here...
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    Drop, hide, and give items?

    i created a skill which summons a unit with an inventory... so when the summoned unit dies i would hide the items until it summons another one, then i will give the newly summoned unit the item i hid... what events/actions should i use? *btw the summoned unit is summoned via trigger
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    Circular Path...

    i am trying to make a MUI boomerang spell i can't get the right formula in getting the right angle and the right polar offset so that the boomerang would form a perfect circle... i have to get the right arc and use it as degrees... i think i should use pi here... i don't know where i uses...
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    Requirements for hero abilities

    i tried pacing a techtree requirement in the hero button but it only works when i learn it. is it possible to place a requirement so that the hero can't learn the ability?
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    Custom hero Creation skill icon positioning

    how can i make the new skill be on its proper place.. for ex. |1|2|3|4| lets pretend thats the buttons... i chose to have the skill blizzard for the first one and banish for the second one.... (1 = blizzard 2 = banish) Blizzard & Banish's research button is 0,0 and their normal buttons...
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    i am curently using WAR3TFT 1.21 but i want it to be 1.20c again so that i could join my friends in thier gg client thing...
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    Something about "damage target"

    Events Conditions (Damage taken) Greater than 0.00 Actions -------- Deadly Assasin -------- If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions (Level of Vulcan for (Damage source)) Greater...
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    changing Blight's color in the minimap

    is there a way to change the blight's color in minimap?
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    PC Not booting

    my other pc creates a long BEEP when turn it on... i checked the memory and it worked fine... i guess it would be the video card that causes the error? how can i fix it?
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    TRigger Conflict

    i made 2 trigger enhanced spell this is the first spell... Lightning Strike Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Lightning Strike Actions Set LightningStrike = True Set TempPoint =...
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    Help with Incinerate(arrow)

    i tried to edit Incinerate(arrow) but it has no <ANia,DataA1>, <ANia,DataB1> but when i look at the premade tooltip they use that as tooltip... DataA = bonus damage DataB = Exploding damage how can i edit the fields "DataA" and "DataB"?