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    Battlefield Wireless Connection Problems?

    From, posted by Playwfire: "I had the same issue with my XP and wireless. Every 58 to 63 seconds it would drop for about 2-3 seconds then reconnect. Go into Control Panel, Admin Tools, Services Select Wireless Zero Configuration and disable the services. Microsoft Zero...
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    Battlefield Beginner's Tweak Guide

    If you just bought Battlefield 1942 -- or even if you've had it for a while -- and are looking to get it running at its best on your system, check out the guide that TweakTown wrote below:
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    Battlefield Want To Skip the Introduction Movies?

    Are those introduction movies annoying? Can't get into a server fast enough? Get rid of them -- easily! To do this, browse to the directory where you installed the game ("C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942" by default), and then open the "Movies" directory. From here, you have two...
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    Symantec to Buy SecurityFocus for $75 Million This thread belongs here. :)
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    Counter-Strike 1.5 & Half-Life

    The Windows client patches are out. Visit for Counter-Strike and Half-Life download mirrors.
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    CS Server Ports

    Hi, this seems like the most appropriate forum for this post. Could anyone tell me what ports I need to open to run a Counter-Strike server at port 27016? I've got the server running behind a NAT enabled router. I'm guessing 27015, 27016, 27010, and some more. Thanks. :) -Dabom