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  1. vertigofx

    Problem with moving camera with keys or mouse

    On my wife's laptop, when she tries to move the camera view either by using the arrow keys or by putting the mouse cursor near the edge of the screen, the camera moves almost instantly all the way to the edge of the map in that direction. Changing sensitivity settings don't seem to make a...
  2. vertigofx

    Any good RISK maps out there?

    Once again, I apologize asking about something that has most likely been covered already. Not many relevant topics came up when searching for things like "risk map". In fact, I don't think any relevant topics came up. Anyway, can anybody lead me to good RISK map for Warcraft 3? I'm sure...
  3. vertigofx

    When I make a gate larger, units can still walk through it!

    I found that I can make a gate larger by going to Object Editor > Destructibles > Demonic Gate (vertical)... and change Maximum/Minimum scale. However, this only seems to change its visible appearance in the game. The only part of the gate that is actually solid and blocks units is a small...
  4. vertigofx

    How do I let a player select units he owns and make them explode/die on command?

    As always, I apologize if this has been covered. I was unable to find it. Basically, I want a player to be able to select one more units of his own and type a chat message (such as "kill") to make them explode/die. I know how to do some of these things individually, but I can't figure out...
  5. vertigofx

    How do I start teams in specific regions but at random start locations?

    I'm new to map making, but I'm a quick learner, so if you can give me specifics on how I might accomplish this, it would really help. I built a big map with defined sides, east and west. Each side has four gold mines and I created starting locations at each gold mine. I want to have team...
  6. vertigofx

    How do you change the amount of gold (or rate) players harvest/gather from gold mines

    EDIT: SOLVED This sounds likes it would be a simple thing to do, but I cannot figure it out. I've spent quite some time searching the net. So far I've read a lot of posts about people wanting to know how to change the total amount of gold a gold mine contains, but that's not my problem. I...