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    Multishot with barrage - fail, please help.

    I looked through your map and here's what I changed Result: 3 unit multishot with Attack Type 1 Under Temporary Electricity Tower: Attack Type 1: Missile Attack Type 1 Number of Targets Allowed: 3 Attacks: Attack 1 Only Under Multishot: Number of Targets Allowed: 3 Projectile...
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    A System that only levels up skills that are always used

    Actually, for the dynamic tooltip... I think you can just do something like every time you kill a unit with it, level the ability up. The problem with this is if you have 200 exp, then you will need 200 levels of the ability just for 1 level up. The good part about it is that you can set how...
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    Simple Self-Heal

    Its under Unit - Level of ability of Unit
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    Targeted triggered spell, how should I?

    Not sure if this works... Event: Unit casts an ability Condition: Ability = Shadow Strike Action: Set Variable Unit = Target unit of ability being cast Turn on Trigger xxx Trigger xxx Event: Every 0.3 seconds Condition: Variable Unit has buff Shadow Strike = True Action: Whatever...
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    Ronin Model

    Well, I imported the files, and i got it to work, i imported two HeroRonin.blp files, one is in textures and one is in the main folder, the one in textures (slightly larger) i used the path Textures\HeroRonin.blp and for the one in the main folder i used HeroRonin.blp, the other paths i just...
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    Ronin Model

    Poke ^^
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    Ronin Model

    Can you tell me the paths for the ronin model?
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    Starcraft 2 Official

    yay only another half a year of waiting ^_^! (give or take a couple of months) I dont know about the graphics though, it doesnt look very sharp, the original looks clearer ^_^.
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    I love the pokemans!

    well pokemon is classical, i guess this generation will continue playing it no matter how old they are.
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    object editor trouble

    whenever i open the object editor, the right side (with the stats and stuff) is totally blank... Any ideas/thoughts?
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    The Wish Game!

    You wish you "was" God, you are not god now. I wish any money i spit on would turn into a $100 bill...
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    hosting problem

    Did you get a router or firewall? if so, try portforwarding (google it, though i think it might be blizzard help zone probably answered the question already though
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    Base-Specific Hero Revivals

    Make a custom unit that does nothing, call it like revive blah, buy able at the tavern Then have a trigger that sets a variable Hero_Blah_Dead = true when he dies Another trigger for A unit is finished training unit equal to revive blah revive hero blah at selling unit remove all...
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    Its a multiboard, they are fairly complicated for beginners, here is the tutorial: You would have to make a variable for the time and other trigger than set the variable to a certain number (ie 100) after a certain event (someone...
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    Locust Storm - Bug Transparency

    y not just change the model of the locust swarm to none or the rifleman missle (which is nothing) Sorry, already suggested by kc102, but anyway if you really wanted to change the bugs, you could edit the bugs manually in the object editor and change their transparency (i think)
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    Cinematic mode turns off by itself???

    I think you might have to apply cinematic mode after you apply another camera, i dont, however, think that you have to apply the mode again if you move the original camera.
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    Player-controlled fake "doodads"

    Check the stats on mechanical critters, I dont really have the editor out right now, but im pretty sure mechanical critter does not get auto engaged
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    need help with hyperspeed attack

    Go to object editor, go to the unit you want hyper speed, change the attack cooldown to 0.01 and the backswing and swing to 0.01 that should get you hyperfast attack
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    Happy birthday, though i do believe he is more active on SR forums ^_^
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    Ammunition for archers

    Disable their attack, give them an ability that is like shoot arrow that costs 1 mana (searing arrow or maybe just chainlightning if it doesnt work) That should work