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    object editor trouble

    whenever i open the object editor, the right side (with the stats and stuff) is totally blank... Any ideas/thoughts?
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    Importing icons and models

    I recently imported two models into my map, and they were working fine... until i saved the map. When i saved the map, i noticed that the name of the file changed to some weird thing like BA4076 or something, also, it had changed all my previously imported icons and models to size 0. Of course...
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    Formatted String

    Im using the action Convert String to Formatted Real: String(Damage Taken) 3, 0. but it will give me something like 43.0 how to get rid of the .0? Problem Solved ^^
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    Damage Count

    How do you make the number come up that says how much damage you did? i know its a floating text trigger, but i dont know how to get the number of damage dealt to be texted.
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    Shadow Strike

    Is there anyway to get rid of the buff shadowstrike gives?
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    Enchantment Spells

    Is there an easy way to make it so that instead of having auto-cast fire arrow, I can i have a unit cast a spell that lasts like 20 seconds and will change the unit's attack to fire arrow + benefits? I thought about doing this with upgrades and triggers but that seems too messy, any suggestions?
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    Bots 2

    Warning: only for those who have lots of free time there are 2 servers, green and blue, i like the green one because its not so hard on the eyes ^^ its a free game, but people "subscribe" so they can order items instead of hitting refresh over and over looking for a single...
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    Manipulating attacks

    Is there a way to redirect attacks or spells from one unit to another, like if a lich frost novas someone, instead of hitting that unit, it hits another one
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    Star-Fury One of the games I used to play b4 wc3, left for a while then came back, very addciting and fun if you dont want a game thatll eat your grades for dinner ^^ (its y i havent been here for a while, that and dota lol ^^)
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    Animation Strings

    Where can you find the animation strings for the units?
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    Triggered Spells Tutorial

    A basic tutorial on triggered spells. Events to know Unit - Generic Unit Event -A unit starts channeling an ability -A unit starts casting an ability -A unit finishes casting an ability These are the most commonly used commands for triggered spells What each of...
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    Problem with special effect

    When i cast this spell, a line of animate dead special effects fires in a line, like a shockwave but sometimes it does not fire the last animation and instead creates it in the middle... thats really annoying... Thanks TH, but i think my trigger is really long and i cant copy it fully :(
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    Whats your favorate WC3 map?

    the title is probably self explainatory, but ya.. whats your favorate wc3 game err map etc. I would say Final Fantasy Forever
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    ToB discussion

    Our nice ToB discussion can be continued here as to avoid invoking the RAGE of conan :D Fixed
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    For your own private amusement... sniper!

    Its a rather amusing map to play... there are 5 levels, the goal is to kill the king you have 5 levels, but 3 abilities (1 ult 2 3levels) so if you dont use the level 4 ability point, you can get a ult, level 3 abilit and a level 1 ability you run fast... REALLY fast... like 350 speed while...
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    I want to make an uber IMBA hero so... I gave him the ability to cooldown all the enemy's spells ^^ any idea how to do? (dont tell me order the unit to cast all the spells ^^)
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    Bladestorm is being EVIL!!!!

    I cant change the time and magic resistence... whatever i put it still lasts 5 seconds and still spell immune, is there something i need to check?
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    Im just wondering, anyone want to help me with my Aos?

    Help as in give me suggestions :) for heros Its an AoS (duh), fairly small 128/128 there will be quests that will help your team, but you will have trouble defending while you are doing them Its Blood Elves Vs Night Elves, but any hero is fine, but blood elves and night elves are more likely...
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    Hero ability really wierd

    Ok, i no there was a problem like this before, but this is REALLY messed up I have my x,y as 2,1 for the ability, but it doesnt show up i gave the hero the ability i mean he can LEARN it but cant cast it lol reall wierd is it sumthing very obivous im missing like usual? I based the ability...
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    Hero Level Comparision

    Im not sure if you can do this but... Can u make a condition if unit is lvl x? thanx in advance