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    Help with Camera position and turning

    uhm, i want to move the camera a little forward of the facing angle of the unit, not zooming it in.
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    Help with Camera position and turning

    Distance to target only zoomed in the camera
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    Help with Camera position and turning

    When locking a camera to a unit the camera locks at it and the unit is found at the middle of the screen, right? how would i be able to move the camera a little forward to have a most likely, 3rd person view. do you get what i mean? *BTW i am using a keyboard system, it is multiplayer...
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    Adding Animation

    Can someone teach me how to add animations to certain models such as the blademaster and others? (do anyone have the anime Bleach Models??)
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    Increase Max HP by %

    you could also use metamorphosis, i mean u create another hero same as the other one but give it an upgrade which increases HP and increase the level of the upgrade every time the hero learns the skill.
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    Charge Question

    the buff is at the enemy (track) so that u can still see it while it is running, i think u should store it as you pick the hero, because it still have no item, skills and buffs
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    Charge Question

    what about removing all buffs before storing?? :D or use the default movement speed
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    How to make Impetus Skill

    Untitled Trigger 001 Events Unit - Unit Takes damage Conditions ((Triggering unit) has buff Impetus Equal to True Actions Unit - Cause (Damage source) to damage (Triggering unit), dealing ((Distance between (Position of (Damage source)) and (Position of...
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    AOE Mana Burn

    that could be a bit laggy, E - every 1 sec of game time c - a -Set UG = (Units within 500.00 of (Your Locations) matching conditions(picked unit is an enemy of mana burner and picked unit is not in UG) - Unit Group - Pick every unit in UG and do (Actions) - set point = position of...
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    Camera help

    i wanted to make the camera as a third person view, but i want it to have a litle offset in front of the unit. if the unit is looking at north(90) then i would just put a positive offset to y, but how would i do it if the unit is face, lets say 72 degrees or 143 degrees? i think i need some math...
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    Chance to cleave

    if you want to it that way, set up a trigger that would add up the units to a nother triger like this start e - time elapsed is 0.00 c - a - pick evry unit is the entire map - add to trigger2 the event: ((picked unit) takes damge) set up2 e - unit enters (entire map) c - a - add to...
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    Unit in Disguise

    you could replace the hero with an ordinary unit(trigger replace? or metamorph?) and change the teamcolor of the unit to the color of the computer cvilian, or you could make them as allies
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    Abilities/Items sharing cooldown - Possible?

    if the abiliy is trigered it could be easier, just turn off the spell trigger then you order the unit to cast it then turn it on
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    Unit comes within range of destructible...?

    you could just place a dummy unit at the position of the destructble
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    AOE Jump

    NoThanks i got it all covered up,
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    AOE Jump

    I used warstomp as my base skill, i want to make the units around the caster to fly into the air, i want to avoid using trigers, just like the same effect in impale, the unit would fly in the sky without trigers, but i want to do it with no spikes(if possible), i tried changing art and buffs...
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    Basics of DoTA's Apotic shield

    its made but its in jass ahehehe. i cant read jass like that. its too complicated for me. i just want to know how it works
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    Basics of DoTA's Apotic shield

    i just want to know how would you get the damage taken with out actually damaging the unit?
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    Basics of DoTA's Apotic shield

    yes thats correct.
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    Basics of DoTA's Apotic shield

    how does the Apotic shield in dota work? i tried coping the skill i itried using unit takes damage as event and heals the unit the amount damaged but it cannot save the unit if the damage is greater than the units life.