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  1. Vellu

    What are you listening to right now?

  2. Vellu

    Report Sleeping on your stomach gives you sexy dreams, new study reveals

    How can anyone even sleep on his/hers stomach? I find that really uncomfortable, because I feel like my head's going to turn too much to the side, making it difficult to breath. Also, my hands are in the way. I always sleep on my back or my side.
  3. Vellu

    What are you listening to right now?

    Damn good song!
  4. Vellu

    What are you listening to right now?

    This song with this video.
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    LoL League of Legends anyone play?

    Got a premade of four today. We played one match where everyone of us AFK'd and we just let our outsider Ashe take care of the other lanes. After a while we made a four-man-gank for their top Sion. From that point on we just ganked every lane there is and won the game. We also played three...
  6. Vellu

    The Dota 2 Thread

    Thanks for that info, Sim! Maybe the most different thing between Dota 2 and LoL is the strenght champions have. In LoL's scale every Dota 2 champ is OP, because the ranges are higher, the damages are higher and usually everything is a lot faster. I have to get used to that.
  7. Vellu

    The Dota 2 Thread

    Jungle, top at the moment. Mid occasionally. While jungle is my strongest role in LoL, I'd still want to be a lanelubber in Dota2 for a while.
  8. Vellu

    Dota 2 - Who is your favorite hero?

    Quas-Wex Invoker. But I want to learn some others too, because I just started playing. Quite funny I picked Invoker as the first champ.
  9. Vellu

    The Dota 2 Thread

    Any hero suggestions for a noob Dota 2 player who has almost 1000 games in LoL? I've been playing Invoker, because he's very fun, but one of the hardest champs out there.
  10. Vellu

    Ever wished you were iconic in a medium to large forum?

    I think there are only iconic people on TH. I don't see too many newcomers around. *sigh* I hope this avatar will make me iconic. Someday. +Ico-points to anyone who knows where it's from.
  11. Vellu

    Leap motion

    This looks VERY interesting. I never tried Kinect out and probably wont' try this out either, but it definitely looks as cool as it's useless. I don't even see too much latency with that apparatus. My introduction is rather short, coz I don't know anything about this. Just saw the video lol.
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    Current bugs (xenforo)

    Is there a list of every change somewhere? I'm totally lost and don't think it's worth a new thread. PS. Rep's gone? :(
  13. Vellu

    Ah... An old revisited chair. People, beware! This could happen to anyone.

    This made me feel so uncomfortable. Maybe I should get myself a new chair?
  14. Vellu

    What are you listening to right now?

    Not like you're going to understand this, but it's some Finnish rap I've been listening to.
  15. Vellu

    Tonight is the Super Moon!

    Mahu got a better picture of the moon. :P
  16. Vellu

    TH Members, what's your hobby?

    I've been playing around with cards. Magic and flourishes - the fancy stuff. Then there's League of Legends, which eats up lots of time. I used to go climbing quite often, but now I do it occasionally, like once in a few weeks. Now that I'm 18 and I've got the driver's license the bars and...
  17. Vellu

    Tonight is the Super Moon!

    Yeah saw it last night. It was quite bright. :D
  18. Vellu

    What are you listening to right now?

    Galileo Figaro:thup:
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    Sci/Tech Swarming their way (gracefully) to a war zone: Robotic choppers. (Video)

    Oh damn those things are cool! I think the 3d formations are quite useless, but it really shows what these things are capable of.
  20. Vellu

    PC Minecraft: To Buy or not to buy?

    It doesn't matter what the runes say, because they're randomized and not connected to the actual enchant in any way. They're fun to translate tho.