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  1. Darthfett

    US News Happy 4th of July 2022!!!

    Happy Independence Day! :) Hope you're still doing well.
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    WarCraft 3 World Editor 1.29 Update!

    This looks like a preparation patch for compatibility between WC3 RoC and WC3 Reforged. Excited! Wonder if I'll find time to make any maps. :) Also: Hi! I've been gone a while. I'm an Aerospace Software Engineer now. :)
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    Sci/Tech Scientists Have Created a New Top Predator—The Coywolf

    These are occasionally born in the wild. The title is extremely misleading, as there is nothing new about this animal.
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    Health Beer: Full of vitamins, high-fibre, low-sugar and good for your hair .

    Editorialized clickbait title.. wish we could vote this down from being on the frontpage...
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    Sci/Tech Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is designed to destroy the laptop

    The title is some stupid editorial crap. No tablet will ever replace a laptop, because they all lack a keyboard.
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    Working (programming), landscaping

    Working (programming), landscaping
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    Sci/Tech Japan researchers testing tiny ear computer

    RTFA! You'll notice it makes no claim to the idea that it is intended to replace the keyboard and mouse. Have you ever considered that "wearable computing" is intended to supplement the traditional laptop/desktop computer, rather than replace it?
  8. Darthfett or I prefer this style.
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    Sci/Tech Company plans to beam free Wi-fi to every person on Earth from space

    I honestly don't see the point. The knowledge gained would be that of combining two already complicated fields: computer networks (of which we most certainly have existing solutions that handle huge amounts of traffic -- see Google) and satellites. The satellites would not be able to compete...
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    Sci/Tech Company plans to beam free Wi-fi to every person on Earth from space

    I should probably just repeat my comments on Reddit... Apparently they have never heard of bandwidth. They cannot possibly service 7 billion people with hundreds of satellites. Let's say each of these satellites is capable of 1 Gpbs of speed, and there are 900 satellites. (900 Gbps) / 7...
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    Smith! I just found you. You changed your name. I was so confused.

    Smith! I just found you. You changed your name. I was so confused.
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    Efficient Method for inserting integers into a sorted list

    The problem with using a dictionary is that it is not necessarily sorted. The underlying implementation can do whatever it wants with the order, when you ask for the keys or items. As far as your code, you're currently making that buckets value into a class attribute, not an instance...
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    World Japan halts last nuclear reactor at Ohi

    I don't understand why people are in such fear of nuclear power. It took a MASSIVE earthquake (fifth largest in history) AND a tsunami to damage the plants (many of which were not adequately protected from tsunami). There were 130,000 buildings that completely collapsed. Despite this, there...
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    What happened to our news portal page?

    Alright, pretty much what I thought it was. Is there a post somewhere informing our users about this?
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    What happened to our news portal page?

    What happened to our front page with the news? Now it takes me to a listing of all the forums. Also, the "The Helper News" page is down, despite being linked in the side navigation.
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    Need laptop recommendations

    I like ASUS laptops, they're pretty reliable, if a bit on the more expensive side. There's quite a few on amazon for ASUS' Zenbook series (they have smaller screens so you can also get decent battery life). However, I don't know how Amazon handles shipping to where you live. Most of the new...
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    You destroyed the portal in flatland! :(

    You destroyed the portal in flatland! :(
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    Request Multiboard

    Please read the rules. There is a tutorial on how to create a multiboard. If you need help on something more specific, that is not "replicate or create this for me", we are more than happy to help. In addition, I see that there is a "Time" row at the very bottom of the one pictured, does...
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    Gaming What happens when pirates play a game development simulator and then go bankrupt because of piracy?

    Just played the demo, it was kind of fun. :P Cool marketing campaign they're doing by doing that, haha.
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    Sci/Tech Firearms research: The gun fighter

    I have to admit that I sometimes don't, but if the article is interesting, I usually do. Most of the articles posted here are summarized well in the few paragraphs and title posted. This is one of those exceptions.