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  1. Ryushi

    Removing specific floating text eg floating text assigned to a unit

    The two indices of a hashtable take integer values. Every individual instance of a unit in a map will have a unique handle ID. The handle ID will be an integer. So the unique handle ID of a unit can be used an an index in a hashtable. To hopefully make this clear, storing the floating text would...
  2. Ryushi

    Removing specific floating text eg floating text assigned to a unit

    When assigning an integer value, select 'Hashtable - Get Handle ID'. Then look for Picked Unit in the next drop-down list.
  3. Ryushi

    Removing specific floating text eg floating text assigned to a unit

    You could look around for a tutorial on hashtables for more information, but the general idea would be this: After you create the floating text, you would store the handle of the floating text (That would be the 'Hashtable - Save Texttag Handle' action) using Key(Picked Unit) as one index, and...
  4. Ryushi

    Is it possible to make auras do this?

    It's possible with triggers. You would need to base the ability off of one that can be activated and deactivated, like immolation, and remove any effects it has other than consuming mana per second. Then you would need to use triggers to add the aura when the base ability is activated, and...
  5. Ryushi

    Bladestorm help

    That's because he damages every unit in the area, including himself. You would need to put every unit within range into a unit group, then pick every unit in the group, and if they are an enemy of the caster, then damage the unit.
  6. Ryushi

    How to make autocast ability

    If you want a barracks to continually train a certain unit, you can make a periodic trigger that orders the barracks to start training a unit.
  7. Ryushi

    Offensive Warcry Help

    Use a positive value on Howl of Terror. A positive value will subtract the amount of armor you want from the targeted units. Using a negative number will add armor.
  8. Ryushi

    Unit Indexing : Hashtables or Integer[Arrays] ?

    Hashtables are better, they are easier to work with and won't run into problems if there are a lot of units to be stored.
  9. Ryushi

    Chain Lightning more than 16 hits

    I entered 20 into the field and chain lightning hit 20 targets, so it worked for me. See if you can make chain lightning hit more than 16 targets in a test map. If you can, then there would be something else in your map causing the problem, and if you can't then the problem would be with...
  10. Ryushi

    Chain Lightning more than 16 hits

    Shift-click the value and enter a number greater than 16.
  11. Ryushi

    Editing "raise dead" spell number.

    Change the value of Data - Units Summoned that corresponds to Skeleton Warriors.
  12. Ryushi

    Point, Offset, Maths, Urgh!

    For Problem 1, you can set a point to be in the middle of two other points like this: Set Point3 = (Point1 offset by ((Distance between Point1 and Point2) / 2.00) towards (Angle from Point1 to Point2) degrees) For Problem 2, you haven't said what's going wrong with the trigger.
  13. Ryushi

    Two 'Problems' (Checking if a player has an amount of lumber)

    You can use the ability Charge Gold and Lumber to create an ability that would cost lumber to activate. You would have to trigger whatever effects you would want the ability to have though. Also, you can check if a player has a certain amount of lumber by using an Integer Comparison, Player -...
  14. Ryushi

    Gold isnt give, trigger

    The custom value of the item wouldn't be equal to the gold cost of the item unless you are manually setting it to it. If you aren't then you could try setting the item level of every item to its gold cost, and then increasing the gold of the player by the item level of the item.
  15. Ryushi

    Cannot carry more than one (Item)

    Well that's much easier to do. Just modify the Inventory (Hero) Ability to only have 1 item-slot.
  16. Ryushi

    Cannot carry more than one (Item)

    So you want heroes to only be able to hold one copy of each item? Use something like this: Trigger Events Unit - A unit Acquires an item Conditions Actions Set Integer = 0 For each (Integer A) from 1 to 6, do (Actions) Loop - Actions...
  17. Ryushi

    help with trigger ability item

    You would have to add in a call RemoveLocation (udg_point) to finish removing the leak.
  18. Ryushi

    Death Coil - remove undead requirements

    Death Coil is hard coded. You will need to use a dummy ability can target both allies and enemies, and trigger the damage/heal.
  19. Ryushi

    Spiked Carapace trigger help

    There would be no Damage source or Attacking unit with that event. You would need to do something like this: Trigger Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions (Level of Spiked Carapace for (Attacked unit)) Greater than 0 Actions Unit - Cause (Attacked...
  20. Ryushi

    Cold area makes you cold

    I'd assume so, but you'll have to use localplayer. I'm not too familiar with jass, but if you search for displaying multiboards for a single player you should be able to find how to use it.