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    Recommended Languages for Web Development

    Ready to use: you install it and it works
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    Recommended Languages for Web Development

    Why don't you use an out-of-the-box solution like phpBB?
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    How to store Images in Database

    Yes that is correct. Check this for an example:
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    How to store Images in Database

    Save it as a blob. Although the preferred way is to save it on disk and then link to that in your db.
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    How to allow Unity3D to communicate with mySQL

    From what I understand, you shouldn't connect through Unity3D because people could then get hold of your DB credentials. Here's some information on how to do it more safely:
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    Weird margin due to Lists? :s

    Unordered lists have a top and bottom margin of 1em by default. Elements within the flow of a same formatting context have collapsing margins. To prevent this, you could give your header (the big blue one) a bottom border of 1px in the same color as your page background and remove the 1px...
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    Lighttpd rewrite messes up template

    Exclude with the -f and -d flag so it won't rewrite URLs that actually lead to a file or directory
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    can this jquery code be simplified?

    $(function(){ $(".clickables").children('li').click(function() { var that = $(this) $('.showables').children('div').hide(); $('.' + that.attr('class').substr(5)).fadeIn(); $(".clickables").children('li').css({"color":"#ffffff","background":"#333333"})...
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    Greasemonkey help with remote xml using jquery

    XHRs are subject to the Same Origin-policy. Unless you enabled Cross-Origin Resource Sharing on the remote host, it's only natural you're not receiving any data.
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    First of all: the book I referred to is considered to be the JavaScript bible by many professionals. Secondly: Not everything in JavaScript is an object. Just because you can call a method on an integer (for example), doesn't mean it's an object. All it means is that ECMAScript is smart enough...
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    IP Logging

    Seems short circuiting is less lenient in PHP than in JavaScript. What I said about operator precedence remains true though: Because the '=' operator precedes 'or', you could still get nasty "bugs". A sidenote that may be interesting in this thread: Assignments in PHP "return" the truthy or...
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    This is false. JavaScript (or ECMAScript) has Primitive Types and Reference Types. As for private properties or methods: they are supported in ECMAScript 5 but, for now, all you can do is simulate them. The reason I say simulate, is because the private/protected/public bits get complicated as...
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    IP Logging

    If you're going to use 'or' like that, you may as well stick to your original if-statements.. If you want to use short-circuiting, the only sane way to do it is using '||'
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    IP Logging

    || has higher precedence than 'or' and is easily interchangeable with binary operators such as 'binary or' (|). Edit: using a literal 'or' will actually result in failures, seeing as '=' has higher precedence than 'or', but not '||'.
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    IP Logging

    That would, as GTU said, cause notices if the array key doesn't exist. You could, however, suppress those notices and use the code below. $ip = @$_SERVER['HTTP_CLIENT_IP'] || @$_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'] || @$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; For more info, see...
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    What's Your Favorite Editor?

    Notepad++ for local/FTP development VIM on Linux boxes that have no FTP or for editing/viewing other files such as httpd.conf, logs, ... For NPP, I use the ZenCoding and Explorer plug-ins Edit: My 1000th post :o
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    Free web hosting with apache logs

    Serve a php file as an image and use a database/log for tracking?
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    Dynamic File Permissions

    You could make a folder unreadable by world and use php's readfile() along with header() to output the images when someone's allowed to view them.
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    Useful Links for Webmaster Help

    I use this as well. Can only recommend it for its user friendly setup and the fact that it comes with the latest Apache / MySQL / PHP releases.
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    How to prevent recursiveness in a tree

    Sweet, I'll look into this tomorrow. <3