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  1. Duwenbasden

    Elder Scrolls Online

    I passed solely out of the fear this will become a soul suck.
  2. Duwenbasden

    CES 2013

    I'm mostly interested in the camera/corders they announced at CES (since 2005). This years seems to be all improvement, no surprises again (13MP on 1/2.3" are you kidding?)
  3. Duwenbasden

    What's your 2012 Game of the year?

    beginning of the year: Skyrim, Starcraft 2 middle of the year: Saints Row 3rd, Starcraft 2 end of the year: Fallout 3/ Fallout New Vegas, Starcraft 2
  4. Duwenbasden

    iPhone 4S...

    >Well, I have to disagree. I went to and hit Find my iPhone and in less than 30 seconds it located >me at my home almost exactly where I was inside. The thief would have to turn it off to prevent it from being >tracked. Turn off Wifi. My Axim (2005) can track me with Wifi too, and...
  5. Duwenbasden

    iPhone 4S...

    Someone needs to ask her to sing a song, and ask her for cake.
  6. Duwenbasden

    iPhone 4S...

    Security by obscurity is not security. You are trying to argue since nobody can do it, it is safe. If the contact list leaked happens to be top confidential lists of trade secrets, now what? Chances of it done is low, but the point is IT CAN HAPPEN. Also, tracking is not as precise as you'd...
  7. Duwenbasden

    iPhone 4S...

    ^ You can't be serious. That's like saying leaving your maid in the house and she will listen to anyone's command from outside the house. Sure, a few things might break or a wall might have a different colour but that's what the maid's designed to do. Security like Swiss cheese is okay as long...
  8. Duwenbasden

    Health Canada warns not to buy 'fresh' semen online

    Wow, the literal meaning of "Who's your daddy?"... "Iono, the internet?"
  9. Duwenbasden

    General We Need a League Of Performance-Enhanced Athletes

    I just see cyborgs in that thing.
  10. Duwenbasden

    US News Man bursts into flames at San Francisco porn shop

    This man was literally on fire in that store. Yes, the whoosh sound was made just now.
  11. Duwenbasden

    Buying a monitor

    1. IPS or *VA (PVA/MVA) monitors. Do not ever get a TN monitor for any reason unless your hobbies includes giving yourself headaches.
  12. Duwenbasden

    Nintendo 3DS - Price + Release Date

    That 3D screen thing is cool and all (should be the same screen as the Fujifilm W3), but that screen will get you seasick in about half a lunch break.
  13. Duwenbasden


    >Sony claims this thing is as powerful as a PS3 I also claim my phone is as powerful as my desktop. The usual big mouth bullshit from Sony. >I'm scared to think how big the battery has to be to power this thing. My guess is the original PSP battery (2200mah) will last about 3-4 hours on the...
  14. Duwenbasden

    What are you listening to right now? The Archive!

    @ Romek, Hatebreeder: I like you people's style. :D I am currently digging In Flames (and Soilwork, for that matter) But for now, Therion - Enter Vril-Ya. vlMmuj_JFZc
  15. Duwenbasden

    Snow under a Microscope

    i just love superzoomed images :D
  16. Duwenbasden

    TH Starcraft II Night (US Server)

    Character Name: its Character Code: 821 Preferable things to do: 2v2/3v3/4v4 Specific Map: ANY I'll be on ~7:30pm MST to 12am
  17. Duwenbasden

    SSD vs. SATA

    The idle temperature is warmer from the SSD. However, I still recommend one, especially when the fastest hard drive i can get for my u820 is a 5400rpm.
  18. Duwenbasden

    Is DA:O worth it?

    I like it. The combat system is similar to WoW x WC3.
  19. Duwenbasden

    SSD vs. SATA

    Idle: SSD Underload for 5 min: HDD. Tested by touch on my fujitsu u820, before and after upgrade.
  20. Duwenbasden

    Need name for my Hero

    Adnape de Panda Bear Grylls The Bamboo Guy