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    What did I do? My brother had a acccount and gave me +rep when I was helping...

    What did I do? My brother had a acccount and gave me +rep when I was helping him. Now the mods says that I've account abused. I'm o.k. whit this descion, I'll restart playing TDA, dota. Hope you guys have fun on Thehelper.
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    I'm dead now guys, cya. Thanks for these 4 month of fun.

    I'm dead now guys, cya. Thanks for these 4 month of fun.
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    How do I make this trigger MUI

    Easier. Change Attacked for triggering unit and it should but with no problems, considering (Attacking unit) as a local.
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    Sky problems

    ah, I'll see if it's work :thup: I'll rep if it does.
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    Actions not working

    Map please.
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    Sky problems

    I've set a sky into my map, options but when I start the map, I can't see it. Anything I've forgot?
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    Spell Phase Nova (Need name)

    I meant when all the clones are created, it's hard to know the right one. Yes, he's selected but, we have to find his location. Panning camera would make it lot more enjoyable.
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    Spell Warp

    Maybe make the caster play an animation. When it casted, she just stand here.... Maybe attack, slam?
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    Spell Phase Nova (Need name)

    Very original but, you should add: When all units are created, pan camera on the good one.
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    Spell Warp

    Kind of a Waveform. Shouldn't you use a scope instead of a library?
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    RPG Legacy of Argos Orpg

    Means that Sereval Units can cast it at the same time. Multi-Unit Inceabiltiy >Which one? The one in the link I provided.
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    add items to a shop for a single player only

    >Also, Simonake. If you don't know what something is, don't try to correct everyone, and tell them that they're wrong. The way I had understood the question was: "When the item is bought is deasapear." My answer was: "Add the item again then" Maybe you've seen it in another way that I...
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    RPG Legacy of Argos Orpg

    Are all you spell Mui yet? Have you used my spell?
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    Terrain Contest I - Summer

    Do you think he will answer to your question and reveal is Indentity?
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    Tutorial Custom World Editor

    To any mod: Does this Thread has a chance to get aprooved or I should stop updating it?
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    SettingX/Y vs Moving instantly

    Ok, 1 last thing. Example please :).
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    I don't think it can be done, sorry. You'll proballly have to do it again :). Next time, don't choose "Help" as a tittle, choose something which tells a bit about your problem.
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    SettingX/Y vs Moving instantly

    On every knocking spell I see, in jass, they need only 1 trigger.