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  1. pheonixashes

    AoS Concepts

    Haven't posted in a while.... Try making capturable "nodes." Some of them can be on the main paths, while some of them can be in the creep areas. These nodes provide constant bonuses to your team (Healing Fountains when not under attack, small damage bonuses, the like). An optimum...
  2. pheonixashes

    (10) Plains of War ORPG

    Gosh, this was so long ago, I think that Thanatos did it in World Editor Unlimited, by modifying the map in the WEU Menu. But I seriously recommend you don't make a map that big, even if its a RPG; it fills up your computer space (like 600KB without anything), and it takes FOREVER to terrain.
  3. pheonixashes

    Gaming Schwarzenegger appeals ruling on video game law

    It's been a while since I posted, but I had to on this one. I'm glad Arnold did so; it won't stop idiots from complaining about violent video games and shifting blame to video games whenever there are teens and murders, but Arnold provided a good reason to strike it down, this will keep...
  4. pheonixashes

    Global Warming Argument

    lol, ok. Sorry about that everyone ^_^.
  5. pheonixashes

    Germany imposes ban on Tom Cruise

    This totally reminds me of that South Park (The one with Tom Cruise and the Scientologists ^_^). Anyway, this is just plain funny.
  6. pheonixashes

    Global Warming Argument

    I feel like replying to all the previous posts. Yay. I'm American and Chinese, so I feel safe to have said I've experienced both sides of the world's problems and pollution. Yes, it's true that you can see the sky in most Asian Cities. But keep in mind, America is far more developed than...
  7. pheonixashes

    Buff not showing?

    Ok, so I imported a triggered spell based on Channel (Single-Target Divine Shield, if that helps), but when I cast it, it doesn't show the buff for it, even though I made a buff and specified the ability to the buff. I then thought it was because the duration was at 0.00, but when I set it to...
  8. pheonixashes

    Witchcraft Public BETA Release

    Sounds interesting I guess, I'll test it if you decide on the friends from
  9. pheonixashes

    Insane Showdown

    I don't have a problem with FireEffect's map, it's just that I wish he'd change the title so it won't be as similar to my map ^_^. I'd post some hero ideas, but I'm using some abilities for my map as well, so I'd rather not. Carry on, don't turn this thread into an argument.
  10. pheonixashes

    The Ultimate Showdown

    Thanks ^_^. I'm quite artistic if I have a premade set of stuff, I'm no good at creating stuff from scratch. Actually, if someone will make some low-sized icons of all of the character's drawings in the music video (PrintScreen/SysRQ), that would help a lot with the icon section. And...
  11. pheonixashes

    The Ultimate Showdown

    Yay! 666 posts! I'm going to work on this map a lot now; I'm coming back from Oregon tomorrow, start working on Monday. Anyway, some updates since the last time, I've been able to do some research on some of the more hazy characters... 1. I will have to cut some of the characters for the...
  12. pheonixashes

    Dota Violence(New Project) Members Needed.

    Wow elmst, you get out of school a bit late... when did you start school? Halfway through September? Anyway, I'd like to test, but unfortunately for me, I notice the bad things instead of the good things, so the review might be in the more negative and improvement side. That won't mean it's...
  13. pheonixashes

    Harry Potter is.. gay?!!?!?!?

    No, I'm pretty sure he isn't gay. But the puppet pals sound cool, except my interest in them is sort of... disgenerating due to my brother constantly repeating some of the lines, to my annoyance. I'll give it a look later and edit this post with my thoughts.
  14. pheonixashes

    Your Story with ?

    Ah, yes... the good old days... two years ago. It's so... long ago that I don't really remember. Ah yes! I remember! I was bored, I was looking for tutorials, I saw the links on the WE Tutorials site to some of the forum links, one of the threads gave me interest, and I hung around here...
  15. pheonixashes

    I'll make a promotional wallpaper for anyone who wants one

    I like. Make the text box in the blank space, please ^_^. Make it covering down to about the bottom of the image with a small (I'd say 50-100 pixel) margin. Almost exactly what I wanted ^_^. Which is good enough for me, because I always want perfection.
  16. pheonixashes

    Deadly Games (Minigames map)

    Have you reviewed my ideas yet, Fulla? Because here come some more ^_^. Tools of Destruction Players are given one Rifleman. Rifleman have the wander ability, and can only attack destructibles. There are three neutral units (Either Invulnerable or Allied) constantly building Barrels of...
  17. pheonixashes

    The Ultimate Showdown

    I understand. But that would mean more space, and I'm trying to conserve space for the oncoming models with all the people. I might have to cut back some of the heroes for ones not directly mentioned in the video, like Harry Potter, Samuel Jackson, and all those other people. Which reminds...
  18. pheonixashes

    Pluto is demoted again

    The IAU is stupid. Pluto first was at Planet, then Dwarf, and now what? Nothing. The culinary equivilent of Dishwasher. A planet is determined by its pattern around a star, its power of its gravitational pull, and its rotation. And phyrex1an, I think its the degree of ellipticality that...
  19. pheonixashes

    I'll make a promotional wallpaper for anyone who wants one

    It seems a bit plain... can you perhaps squeeze 6 pictures on each side, then make a pyroclasm in the middle? I don't like the font either; it looks cartoonish and... 1950s TV type font. Make it more bloody! And can you move it up a bit more to make room for the text box? Other than that...
  20. pheonixashes

    I'll make a promotional wallpaper for anyone who wants one

    DarkKnight, it's Reign of Terror, not Riegn.