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  1. ultimate11

    (Skill System) Help. -MUI ?

    Yea but u can make it much more easier using hashtable and loop actions.Your trigger is so long...
  2. ultimate11

    Make a unit do some thing

    You have lot to learn to that point.Try basics and after greater things.
  3. ultimate11

    Multiboard help

    Is there a specific function to show multiboard only to a specific player cuz I dont see it in WE ? Any help will be great. EDIT:Fixed
  4. ultimate11

    Team Recruitment

    Check this map an tell me if u like what I can do.This is one of my maps,recently one. (finished project) TD map (unfinished project) HD map Maybe u will like game interface and others cool stuff. Feel free to add me to...
  5. ultimate11

    Team Recruitment

    Dont know what to say. I know to code in GUI, I perfectly handle hashtable so I can make completly MUI skills some add /substract damage/defense systems ect. But I dont know if I have much time :).
  6. ultimate11

    Ability help

    there is an item ability that add mana and life I supposed that u want to increase max mana of killing unit by x for exemple per kill. In order to do this u need plenty of mana ability (item) to add to your unit. Short ex: where Ab[1]/[2] is a variable and 20/40 mana is the item ability that add...
  7. ultimate11

    Remove specific "Unit takes damage" event

    Or you can use Weep Damage Detection
  8. ultimate11

    "cloud (dragonhawk rider)" ability model

    go hiveworkshop and u will find plenty of moddels there.
  9. ultimate11

    Dodge VS triggered damage

    There is no good way to handle evasion or dodge is wc3 system sience we have no funtion to catch the psihycal damage.U can use weep DDG wich is good to handle incoming damage etc but u cant recognize the type of damage so u cant know if damage is coming from a spell or a unit attack. And back to...
  10. ultimate11

    Units attacking

    And a short hint,make the unit have a player owner not neutral hostile, cuz if they have neutral owner they return back to their initial position if there is no1 to attack.Things like this happens :)
  11. ultimate11

    How to make an old map works in new patchs??

    Easy,open it with WE from 1.26a patch and save it. Then should be playable again.
  12. ultimate11

    Change Shockwave damage with trigger

    @arre event - A unit takes damage //this event is invalid cuz is a specific unit event Specific unit evet : Unit_xxx take damage
  13. ultimate11

    Hashtable Issue

    Study those triggers I posted for u and u will learn how to use easily hashtable.Is quite simple. The second trigger will consume "the stacks" of your spell time but if u dont one ,or u only want to remeber how many time have the unit casted the skill remove the Hashtable - Clear all child...
  14. ultimate11

    Hashtable Issue

    where: H_id = integer variable Real = real variable /this define the amount of seconds u want to last your spell Hashtable = hashtable variable Skill_group = unit group Untitled Trigger 001 Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Hashtable - Create a hashtable...
  15. ultimate11

    Trigger - Make units ignore tree or other blocking doodad and move through it

    2 different ways 1st Actions Unit - Turn (your unit) colision off 2nd Actions Unit - Add (your unit) Crow form ability Unit - Remove Crow form ability from (your unit) Animation - Set (your unit) flying heigh to (x) Enjoy
  16. ultimate11

    Units dying from damage over time (poison/fire)

    absolutely false @maxou that trigger will leak a lot and is effective only for that specific buff. In order to do that u must know for all spells is a passive ability or active one.there are much way to do it but i will show u only an example, Untitled Trigger 001 Events Map...
  17. ultimate11

    New to World Editor

    Event that u are using is no good.Unit attaked register the attacking and attacked unit and the damaged or damagind unit no. so u need the event like Paladin(ex. unit) take damage //wich is a specific unit event Weep damage detection is very good in order to manipulate this type of triggers cuz...
  18. ultimate11

    Pasive ability that only cast when hp is below 30%

    Sry for double post,but I must to say this trigger will register the event with the value of life at the moment unit learned the skill.So in order to track max life and calculate the 30% u need to make more complex using period events and others stuff that u dont know. To start with something...
  19. ultimate11

    Pasive ability that only cast when hp is below 30%

    Simple,easy and reliable.No damage detection or advanced knowleadge. have fun Adding event Events Unit - A unit Learns a skill Conditions (Learned Hero Skill) Equal to Berserk Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)...
  20. ultimate11

    Flying unit cannot pass structure

    You cant make a unit type flyer to unable to fly over structures unless you use regions with triggers or pathing blocker for air. Recommendation: pathing blocker is much easier.