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    The World of Chaos SPRPG

    Thanks, i'm gonna need it. About the choice thing, I've already written about 20 or more Word document pages of conversations and put in a few choices the player makes with actions(such as stealing your master's ring >:-) )
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    AD WALL - Looking For a Project to Join?

    Project name: The World of Chaos SPRPG Link to thread:The World of Chaos Project description: The map is highly focused on the player being able to make choices and those choices having further consequenses and i also want to make an unique and challenging combat system.. You can get further...
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    The World of Chaos SPRPG

    The World of Chaos SPRPG Introduction Before going into details about gameplay, terrain and the map in general, I'd like to take a second to make it clear as to Why I am working on this project and why I intend to see this through. I have played quite alot of games, including roleplaying...