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    Graphics - Static Shapes (GUI)

    its 25^(1/2), so it's only 5, the root is missing.
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    How to set Yaw and Pitch

    This: local unit myUnit local real yaw = 90 local real pitch = 90 set myUnit = CreateUnit(Player(0),myUnitType,0,0,0) to this: local unit myUnit = CreateUnit(Player(0),myUnitType,0,0,0) local real yaw = 90 local real pitch = 90
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    True Strike in Dota?

    luna's bouncing glaive goes only with lifesteal, any other orb-effect will cause it's attack to malfunction.
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    Soul Burn problem

    Ah lol I swapped them :S +rep to all, but I can't right now.
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    Is selected Command.

    GetTriggerUnit() will get it
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    Is selected Command.

    There is also an event when a player deselects a unit, it much the same as above only the blue constant part is another one.
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    Xp problem

    If you want to remove a % from the actaul value, then use this: <Value> * ( 1 - <Remove> ) <Remove> should be between 0 and 1, so removing 10% look lie the following: XP * ( 1 - 0.1 ) = XP * 0.9 But the best solution is what Lord Regno wrote. this is just another way to do it.
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    Xp problem

    What? 100 * 0.9 = 100 * 9 / 10 = 10 * 9 = 90 100 * 0.7 = 100 * 7 / 10 = 10 * 7 = 70 100 * 0.5 = 100 * 5 / 10 = 10 * 5 = 50 Edit: lol learn maths my friend :D
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    Soul Burn problem

    I know where the ability is, I just can't modify the disabling part of it, that used to be there.
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    Soul Burn problem

    silence is an AoE ability, there were options to disable attack(melee/ranged), spells
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    Soul Burn problem

    I was about to make a single targeted spell that disables attacking and such. I remembered that soul burn had this options, but now I can't find them, where did they go ? :(
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    Spell Warp Field

    I don't understand this "round-up" thing. You can use the arithmical function in GUI to create real values between 0.02 and 0.03. To make a 0.025 value just use this: Real(1/40)
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    System Timer32

    my triggers are on the previous page, I don't see any reason why it is called multiple times...
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    System Timer32

    it displays the following message: "T32 ERROR: Struct #46 had startPeriodic called while already running!" I'm using the 1.05 version of T32. Could it be the problem?
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    System Timer32

    I need to write a .destroy() before the return, right?
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    locust swarm bug?

    he is right
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    Weird Exp Creep Issue?

    actually it's not 35, it's 25 at the default exp constants
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    System Timer32

    I'm working on a map that uses currently about 10-12 spells, and the 70% of it uses T32. There are some problems with it, sometimes the debugmessages are displayed but I don't see any reason why it should be displayed. Here's an example: private struct slow unit hero integer...
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    Hero Tavern + Degeneration Aura (was: Help please (checked FAQ))

    It can, but there will be no Killing Unit.
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    System Status

    stun pauses the unit, while disable just sets movement speed to 0?