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  1. turok255

    Graphics Went Fuzzy

    I was playing Rift at my friends house shut down my laptop came home powered it up and the graphics look like they are from windows 98... but worse... It happens on everything even the desktop. I don't know what it is or how to fix it so if anyone has any information it would be appreciated...
  2. turok255

    My disk drive is messed up

    My little brother was playing the 360 and went to put a disk in and it closed while it was half in half out and my little brother paniced and pulled the tray out as it was trying to go in.... Now when I try to close it, the motor to move the gears makes noise but the gears to move the tray don't...
  3. turok255

    I/O device error

    My CD drive isn't reading blank CD-RW's it acts like theres nothing there, Im trying to burn a copy of Crank That by Soulja Boy to a CD from my computer but when it tells me to put a CD in I can't get any farther.... and if I go to Start > Run and put "D:\" It says... "D:\ is not accessible...
  4. turok255

    Low FPS while playing WoW.

    Meh alright, I'll just buy a desktop after I move then I guess
  5. turok255

    Low FPS while playing WoW.

    When I go to control panel and go to system the only thing is says is... Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T5500 @ 1.66GHz 1.67 GHz Memory (RAM) 2.00GB System Type: 32-bit OS Hard Drive: 160GB How can I find my graphics card and stuff? I got an VGN-FE880E Sony Laptop if that will...
  6. turok255

    Low FPS while playing WoW.

    I have about 15 FPS while playing WoW, most people are rocking 40 and im trying to figure out what is holding back my computer, I got 2 gigs of RAM and a 160gig hard drive so its not that. Im using a Laptop with Vista to play it on. Whats a good way to figure out my problem? I just installed an...
  7. turok255

    US News 4chan hacker holds rapper Soulja Boy's MySpace account ransom

    If you listen to lyrics... Alot of music is like that.... Like country, Diffrent lyrics same meaning Rap just puts it in your face country covers it up more PS: I like Crank That by Soulja Boy, Thats his only song I care for...
  8. turok255

    US News Colo. police seeking man who sought free porn, claiming to be Porn Inspector

    Doesn't he know you can DL it with limewire? sheesh... :rolleyes:
  9. turok255

    Windows Media Player Problems

    Alright thanks i'll do that and see what happens
  10. turok255

    Windows Media Player Problems

    I can't watch DvDs on my computer because I get an error saying I need to lower my screen resolution and color quality? Even when I put them both as low as they allowed it said that... Looked like I had windows 95 installed :nuts:. Sorry if this isn't a good description, Im posting this off...
  11. turok255

    US News US girl survives 14-story fall

    I wouldn't say falling was bad luck, If I had to guess they were screwing around playing where they shouldn't of been, But meh we all do that when we are kids, Atleast I did :rolleyes:
  12. turok255

    Wireless INternet

    I just did this a couple months ago, Because where I live I can only get Dial-Up or Verizon Wireless internet..... So yeah its either 28.8k or 200k+ :D Heres what I did after I had alot of trouble with the IP shit.... Buy a Crossover Ethernet Cable. Plug it into your xbox and computer...
  13. turok255

    My CD drive isn't working like it should....

    Lose cable? Like what? Inside my laptop? Its not the disks....The problem is My CD drive is not appearing anywhere on my computer and is not working
  14. turok255

    My CD drive isn't working like it should....

    Im just going to just retype all this. I just uninstalled WoW because my WoWRepair told me it was too damaged. So I go to put the CD in to reinstall it and AutoRun doesn't work. So I go to "Start > Computer" and my CD Drive isn't listed like it used to be. So I put D2 in just now and tried to...
  15. turok255

    My IP Adress fails when I try to get on xbox live?

    Problem solved, I just bought the adapter and it works with my internet now.
  16. turok255

    World Gun T-shirt 'was a security risk'

    Okay now airport security is just getting so stupid.... FEAR MY TRANFORMERS SHIRT! The gun will shoot you! :rolleyes:
  17. turok255

    Health Energy drinks linked to risky behavior among teenagers

    im glad i only drink milk / water and sometimes rootbeer :D
  18. turok255

    Sci/Tech Time Travel doesn't need a Time Machine Says Scientist

    This will give the world more problems... I've made misteaks but I think I can live with them :rolleyes:
  19. turok255

    Crime Parents try to sell baby on eBay

    Some people just need to be beaten.... Thats sad they would actually try that. :nuts: