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    Android Dev - My Project In Java and State Handling

    Hey Artificial is I had a singleton object which controlled the states of the app is this how I should send control back to the SceneManager in java using the intent method? Intent i = new Intent(); SceneManager m_SceneManager = SceneManager.GetSceneManager()...
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    [Planning] Game Project - Hollow - JavaScript/HTML5 (Not a request for help)

    This looks pretty interesting =D, however I think you should change how the dialogue is displayed. I only noticed that I could close dialogue when he said "close this dialogue by clicking close". Maybe you can follow the Pokemon style of dialogue, when the pc interacts with an npc the pc has its...
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    Android Dev - My Project In Java and State Handling

    PS: I get this from programming using Ogre in C++ Visual Studio 08 where my group used SceneManagers to control which scene to display at different parts of the game. Here when the scene ends we just make the scene destroy its elements and call a function to return control to the scene manager...
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    Android Dev - My Project In Java and State Handling

    Hi guys I need some help with Java (Specifically to develop a game on Android using Eclipse). I have read up on a method/class/action/thingy called Intent however I understood very little of what I read (I am not very familiar with Java in general, let alone mobile games programming). How do I...
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    A bit of research (File Sharing)

    I use megaupload, its fast as hell =D but than again I have a premium acc
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    Ability able to target fog of war.

    If its possible change the base spell to something like blizzard or cone of fire. Those AoE spells usually fire off even when targeting areas in the fog.
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    The Spell Idea Thread

    Name: Royale Guard Type: Active, Instant, Defensive Targets: Enemy Description: You can instantly counter any unit that attacks you for a brief moment. Works against spells as well but your hero will still suffer any effects from the spell. Has a cooldown of 1.0 seconds on all levels. The caster...
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    The Spell Idea Thread

    Name: Flourish Type: Active, Damage, AoE Targets: Point or Unit, Enemies, Non-Spell Immune Description: Summons swords made of pure volatile and impale them onto a point/unit dealing minor damage. The sword will stick onto the point/unit and explode dealing damage to a small AoE after a few...
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    Help me make triggers and sort on multiboard plus others

    Have you checked out this for a hero revival system? Have you checked out this for a multiboard system? There is no sort algorithm in that tutorial but it is actually pretty easy...
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    Memory Usage Detection Software / Memory Leak Detection Systems

    Hi guys, I am wondering if any of you have any WC3 memory usage detection software to detect memory leaks at specific locations of memory for WC3, similar to VerySleepy for C language profiler. Currently I have a map with about 100+ triggers but I am concerned that certain triggers are causing...
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    Mana per Atack and spell

    For the mana per attack spell try using an autocast attack modifying ability such as "Searing Arrows" as for the projectile models just change the Missle Art field for the spell itself. As for the second spell you need a trigger to fire off either one of the other spells. Take this for example...
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    My final spell (Suggestions please)

    How about a spell like this to replace your counter? Name: Royal Guard Type: Active Counter Spell Description: Reflects all damage for a small duration (0.4s+0.1s*level) and knocks back enemy units. The hero is immoblized during the duration of this spell. And this to add a combo to it. Name...
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    Ability Lagging...

    Change casting time to at least 1 second, for shadow strike casting time is the occurance of the damage I think. I had a similar problem when using shadow strike as well. With 0.00 casting time, its gonna lag your game whenever you cast that spell.
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    Need help with my spell! - Channeling Summoned Units

    Kewl it looks real sweet. I shall give this a shot then thanks! =)
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    Something gone wrong with my trigger

    Then make some definitions using an integer or a string (whichever you fancy) and make the switch case respond to that definition.
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    Need help with my spell! - Channeling Summoned Units

    Will (finished casting an ability) be called if my caster unit gets stunned? How do I track which summoned unit belongs to which caster unit? If you got an example GUI MUI spell can I have a look at it? XD
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    Need help with my spell! - Channeling Summoned Units

    What I mean is I cant summon more then 1 unit using the tornado base spell cause there is no data field for it. I only want the summoning to be done at the start of the spell and the channeling is to make sure they stay in the game.
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    Need help with my spell! - Channeling Summoned Units

    Hey guys I need help making my spell. Currently I want to make a spell where the caster has to channel a spell in order to keep the summoned units in the game. If the hero is stunned while channeling the summons would get dispelled. The summoned units are summoned near the caster and will...
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    Don't attack my dummy (can't use locust)

    You can make a trigger to order units that are attacking them to stop I think.
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    Help with my Triggered Spell - Spiral Flame Strike

    Hi guys I am currently trying to make a flame strike spell that spirals outwards when cast. I have managed to make it but everytime I cast the spell it seems to 1: Lag like mad. 2: Crash after casting the spell a few times (Memory could not be written error). I think it might be a memory leak...