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  1. Siefer

    Disabling Charge Gold and Lumber

    To clarify: you want an ability to charge you money, and you can't get the spell to disable when you don't have enough money? I don't completely understand the question. If that's what you're saying, I think you can have a timer check if the player has enough money, and if they don't it...
  2. Siefer

    Storm the Building (my first JASS ability)

    Yay! I fixed it! Before I double-check, can someone tell me what the BJDebugMsg method do? Next up, I'll try the MUI version. Thanks for the help, as always guys. This is going to be an awesome spell, I can tell, and I've learned a lot from just trying this. I suppose sometimes the best...
  3. Siefer

    Storm the Building (my first JASS ability)

    I did specify what code I was using. Its pretty much identical to the code I posted before I started talking. I changed a few numbers that shouldn't matter, but otherwise its pretty much the same. Here it is specifically: scope Storm initializer init globals private constant...
  4. Siefer

    Storm the Building (my first JASS ability)

    Hey guys! I'm back! So i've been trying to do this version of this spell, I figured I'd move on to the MUI version after, since it looks a bit more advanced. Yet, it's not working, no matter how much I've tried. Can anyone suggest a reason why it wouldn't work? None of the triggers will...
  5. Siefer

    Storm the Building (my first JASS ability)

    Thanks! Also, another question, I'm guessing that private functions can't be accessed somehow? Are functions assumed public if I don't put private? What's the advantages of private functions? Oh, and cause Naga'sShadow asked, no, this isn't a hero spell. I want to be able to give this to...
  6. Siefer

    Storm the Building (my first JASS ability)

    Thanks guys! I'll test it later today. Well, the game let me use the sound I think (I'll check again and tell you if I'm mistaken), however the syntax checker inside the trigger editor is always pointing out an error on the line where I play the sound, telling me that the variable hasn't been...
  7. Siefer

    Storm the Building (my first JASS ability)

    Thanks for all the help so far guys! I appreciate it. A couple questions, if you don't mind (obviously this is all a learning experience for me): 1) What's the difference between EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_CHANNEL and EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_SPELL_EFFECT? 2) call TriggerSleepAction(0) ... you can wait 0...
  8. Siefer

    Storm the Building (my first JASS ability)

    Not sure if any of you guys remember me, but I used to hang around here a lot. I pretty much only used GUI though except for the occasional leak correction. But I've decided to switch to full-on JASS now. So I've been going through all the tutorials and everything trying to get the hang of it...
  9. Siefer

    US News Monroe prisoner amputates own penis

    Why, God? Why?!! Why must a story like this exist?! Haha I return after such a long time to this forum and this and the story about the exploding chair is what I see first. Still, it's nice to be back.
  10. Siefer

    Hitchhickers Guide to Warcraft

    Maybe I should just take out that sentence...and... BUMP!
  11. Siefer

    Hitchhickers Guide to Warcraft

    Fine then. Weren't WCI and WCII trolls green always? Is that why I'm thinking green trolls? If not, then I'll change it again. Anymore suggestions?
  12. Siefer

    Hitchhickers Guide to Warcraft

    This thread used to be really good. We need contributors. Give me more WCIII humor. (btw, Bernstrom look at the world editor help forums, not non-related threads. First use the search function, then start a thread, over there! Not over here!) Anyways, quick contribution/bump (to be added to...
  13. Siefer

    Hitchhickers Guide to Warcraft

    Ya...I know. But no reply since a couple days after Christmas? This thread needs a... BUMP! Sorry, I'll contribute tomorrow, or whenever the next time I visit these forums will be.
  14. Siefer

    Weird 'Santa Claus does not exist' school tells stunned kids

    Wow. That's just wrong. I completely agree with halo_king that Santa is part of what makes the Christmas season magical in nature. What right does the school have in taking away the children's happiness? By believing in Santa, it opens the doors for being happy in the future, when you sit on...
  15. Siefer

    Black Holes

    I did not know those last 3 things at all. Wow. And after I thought I knew everything there was to know that was interesting about them...
  16. Siefer

    Attraction to locked threads?

    Wow, and I thought that only happened to me. Reading this long interesting thread. My mind is constantly remembering the posts so I can quote when replying to them. Then reach the end and.....LOCKED! Makes me feel kind of stupid.
  17. Siefer

    Whats Your Favorite Artist/Band?

    Like two others before me, I'm more of a "song" person than a "band" person. Still, some notes about what I've read before: I'm surprised many of you people haven't heard of Meatloaf. Oh well, I guess I shouldn't be that surprised. I like Dragonforce...shutup. lol:D . No, but seriously, it...
  18. Siefer

    Hitchhickers Guide to Warcraft

    3c) Archmages are the standard old wizard you need in every fantasy-related videogame, movie, or story. They can be related to Gandalf. Normally that would be all a standard Guide like this would have to say, but the differences should be noted: 1) Archmages in Warcraft ride on their horses...
  19. Siefer

    Whats your "DREAM LOOK"

    :eek: ... ... ... :( Now, I'm going to have nightmares...But it's okay because it looks so cool.
  20. Siefer

    Husky's WoW Comics!

    One I thought of but haven't made yet showed some Horde guy dead next to his dead body which shows some gnome warrior dancing on his dead body. It has that "You are Dead" message. He says, "Well, at least I have my pride..." Could even show some text in the bottom left: Gnomer spits on you...