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  1. konerboy

    Make A Sketch of The Map You Plan for SC2

    since SC2 have some cool flying vehicles a "Death Race" or some kind of race with weapons involved would be badass.
  2. konerboy

    Anchorfree/Hotspot shield banner at top of every page i load in browsers

    it appears in Chrome, Safari, IE I think i only took the quick scan, Ill try the full one in a minute and see if that helps
  3. konerboy

    Report Scientists uncover transfer of genetic material - blood-sucking insects and mammals

    yeah I think this kind of changing in the DNA is related to Cancer.
  4. konerboy

    Anchorfree/Hotspot shield banner at top of every page i load in browsers

    Hi there... long time no see I keep getting a ad/banner at the top of every page i load with a browser, It's related to "anchor free" or "hotspot shield" software, I have run all my antispyware/virus/malware programs and it stil appears also sometimes i get a popup to an anchor free page...
  5. konerboy

    Connecting Printer To Network

    Hi i'm having trouble connecting a Printer to our network, i will try to explain how the network looks like. Admin Modem Router - Pc1 - Pc2 the Admin and Router are both connected to the modem (usb) and router by lan, and the rest of the pc's are connected to the router (lan aswell). Do...
  6. konerboy

    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

    this movie failed... like seph said it's about love and relationships all the time, also it has spend way too much time on stuff that dosn't really matter. Why do we have to see that stupid locker all the time :banghead:
  7. konerboy

    Crime Jury rules against woman in download case: $80,000 Fine Per Song

    atleast Slipknot dosn't care if you download it.
  8. konerboy

    Crime Jury rules against woman in download case: $80,000 Fine Per Song

    1 dkk is only 0,19$, and i've heard that it was rather 20 $ per song,
  9. konerboy

    iPeez's home photos.

    what camera do you use?
  10. konerboy

    Environment Giant ice penis - is climate change to blame?

    does climate wants us to circumsize?
  11. konerboy

    Do aliens exist

    this might be offtopic, but since someone started talking universe, i was wondering what shape does the universe have? :confused: edit: alien report from brazil 1957 In 1957, Antonio Villas Boas, a Brazilian farmer, reported that he was abducted by barking aliens who covered him in gel and...
  12. konerboy

    Stopping user from installing Windows.

    so what happens if you boot the computer now? after the bios which dosn't appear
  13. konerboy

    Sci/Tech Facebook sells stake in business

    is it really worth that much :eek:
  14. konerboy

    Various Music Streaming Sites it's free and you can make a playlist
  15. konerboy

    Crime Gangster shoots off own penis

    one more reason why germans aren't allowed to have guns in the first place
  16. konerboy

    possible to install mac os on any pc

    i was just wondering if it is possible to install mac on any pc, i currently have a fujitsu siemens that came with vista.
  17. konerboy

    guitar suggestions

    see if you can find any packages, and try to buy them from small music stores they are usually pretty kind when it comes to give aways. my dad gave me a guitar set that came with a guitar, a amp and a soft guitar case and it costed about 110 $ afterwards the salesman decided to give him 2...
  18. konerboy

    Gaming Action video games sharpen eyesight: U.S. study

    i've heard that gaming could actually cure the Amblyopia/lazy eye, a diesese where a fully functional eye has poor transmission to the brain.
  19. konerboy

    PHP help - turning a variable into non-html text

    $message= "$stradress " . $strname; worked ty guys! :P