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  1. gref

    Tutorial Making a Backstab Spell (GUI)

    You should able to change the missile homing the the Attack Detection orb. Sorry for a late reply. This is the first time I've been on this forum in months. Also, attack-move is in no way affected by this system... so that must be a bug with whatever map you used it in.
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    Spellpack Overgrowth, Death Pulse

    Um ... His point is that it doesn't cancel non combat consumables anymore, so your version of the spell is out of date.
  3. gref

    Tutorial Making a Backstab Spell (GUI)

  4. gref

    System Spoofing

    So confused right now.
  5. gref

    Need help with Wind Walk

    Ahh true...I keep forgetting people use GUI :)
  6. gref

    Making GUI MUI

    Or you could just learn Jass. That makes life easier.
  7. gref

    Spellpack Whip Spells

    If you want to cut down lag, put all your different types of dummy's on the map at the start to preload them, then remove them at init. Also add the abilities that dummy will be casting later to the dummy via triggers at init, then remove them. That should help reduce lag on the first casts.
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    Need help with Wind Walk

    Prrft. That's a lame solution :) That would mean he'd have to learn how to make a dummy unit to cast invis on him. Which is clearly too difficult.
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    Back Sliding Spell [Help please =D]

    The reason you pass through doors is that the distance covered per periodic event is too large. Make it occur more frequently (reduce the period) but make the distance less. Yeah...and your trigger leaks. Position of Triggering Unit needs to be stored and removed as well. Set the facing of...
  10. gref

    Need help with Wind Walk

    Not if windwalk for some reason doesn't actually allow you to change from land to water or visa versa...
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    Making GUI MUI

    Well firstly, if you don't use timed actions, none of the Event variables (Which in general are globals) that you use will be overwritten, so it will always be mui. For example: Unit casts Blah Make dummy Add generic expiration timer to last created Order dummy to cast "Blah" That is mui...
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    Need help with Wind Walk

    Make your own custom ability through triggering? When unit casts "blah" give it the Ghost ability, and change it's movement speed. After duration is over, or it attacks, remove ghost.
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    Making GUI MUI

    There are so many threads on this. Here are the basic ways: -Use a seperate index in an array for each unit -Have no waits in your spell, or pass variables using something like custom values, or ability levels
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    Any JASS tools for Mac?

    You can learn Jass, just not use vJass syntax... vJass is all converted to Jass anyway, provided you keep yourself to strict coding conventions it's not as though you need it.
  15. gref

    System PUI - Perfect Unit Indexing

    Good system. I already use it for a couple of things. That is all.
  16. gref

    Tutorial Making a Backstab Spell (GUI)

    Um...Thats what the system does. It just also does the hard work of adding every single potential target to the system, and then making sure the triggers created for those targets don't leak. The difference being, that it changes the 3 triggers + conditions you would have to make, into one...
  17. gref

    Underground Domes?

    oo. I don't spend my life playing the warcraft III campaign. I'm really sorry. You might have to look yourself. :)
  18. gref

    Hot to make minus (-) value on ablities ?

    The last two posts were so unneccessary. A.) There is no need to hold the Shift key to enter negative values. It is only when you are trying to get past hardcoded limits that that is necessary. Also... use of the shift key by people who don't understand why there are hardcoded limits in the...
  19. gref

    Leak? Help

    The locations and groups leak. You have to call DestroyGroup and RemoveLocation just above where you null them. That won't be the lag though. Try preloading.
  20. gref

    Underground Domes?

    From memory I think it was used in the Icecrown Glacier part of the campaign, with the nerubians.