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    Difference between buff and effect?

    There's a buff/effect tab in the object editor and it seems that buffs have as "Is Effect" boolean field. What exactly will be the difference(ingame) if I set that to true?
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    Spell/Hero Ideas

    This may help:
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    Spell/Hero Ideas

    Before you decide the skills of the hero, I would suggest you make a theme for him. An illidan model can be anything, he can be a half-demon demonic caster, he can be a shadow strider who steal his opponent's souls or even maybe a time warper who can go into the past or freeze time. After you...
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    Main Menu is showing even if I save the map right before testing

    Problem solved. I needed to delete HandleCounter System from the map.
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    Message that shows life

    hp Events Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing -hp as An exact match Conditions Actions Set SelectedUnits = (Units currently selected by (Triggering player)) Unit Group - Pick every unit in SelectedUnits and do (Actions) Loop -...
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    Main Menu is showing even if I save the map right before testing

    I save the map and test it immediately after but the WC3's main menu comes instead. I even tried going to the map by Custom Game and playing the map manually. The interface just slides out and slides back again. I know this is a known problem, I searched for it but couldn't find any...
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    [Need] Hero - Ideas !

    Hero Ideas - DotA Forums Thats basically a forum all the people to suggest heroes to IceFrog. Those heroes obviously are never going to get implemented, in DotA that is. Considering your map has the same skill-level distribution, you can make someone's dream hero get implemented in another map...
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    Kill a unit that hasn't spawned yet?

    Use the event - Specific unit event. For the unit, click select a unit and select your boss(considering your boss is already placed on the map and not created by triggers). For the event, use 'dies'. In the actions, select Unit Group - Pick every unit in unit group and do action. The unit group...
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    Pokemon Calling Trigger Problem

    Oh yes, my bad. Try doing this instead: Set PokemonCaptured[tmpint2] = (Last Created Unit) And change this: For each (Integer B) from 1 to (Max(PokemonNumber,MaxPokemon)), do (Actions) Loop - Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)...
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    I think he means a paved terrain. It is only available in Dalaran, Dalaran Ruins, Cityscape, Dungeon, Underground and Black Citadel tilesets.
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    Pokemon Calling Trigger Problem

    Replace your Evolution trigger with this: Evolution Events Unit - A unit Gains a level Conditions Actions For each (Integer A) from 1 to MaxPokemon, do (Actions) Loop - Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do...
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    Constant Function and Variable

    The difference is that in constant variables, the user can change the value(say you posted your spell and someone else is using it) but not put in a formula. For example, if I type 5*level in a constant variable then there will be a compile error saying that level isn't initialized. But in...
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    Pokemon Catching Trigger

    It's the pokeball item which you will be using that the player needs to click to call the pokemon. AlreadyCalled is a array boolean type variable.
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    How to make bounty with text?

    Do this. On default, only Neutral Hostile(and maybe Neutral Passive) gives bounty. To make units gain bounty by killing units owned by non-neutral players you need to do that.
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    How to make bounty with text?

    Go to the object editor, go to your unit. Fields like Stats - Gold Bounty Awarded, Gold Bounty Number of Dice, Gold Bounty Sides of Die. Set those fields to set the bounty. Formula is: Min Bounty: Bounty Awarded+Number of Dice Max Bounty: Bounty Awarded+(Number of Dice*Sides of Die) The text...
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    Sucking unit at one place?

    Maybe something like this: Unit Group - Pick every unit in <group> and do (Actions) Loop - Actions For every integer from 1 to (Number of units in <group>) do (Actions) Loop - Actions Set tmploc = (Position of (Picked Unit)) Set Point[(Integer A)] = (tmploc offset by...
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    %Damage increase mark

    Maybe they do, have to test it. Not sure if it will work but, try to remove the ability after you order the unit to turn it on, maybe the damage increase wont be removed, not sure though. If you works, you can give the ability back, turn off the and remove the ability and the end of the...
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    Pokemon Catching Trigger

    This is what I would do: First an initialization trigger which initializes all the pokemon, their respective evolutions etc. Pokemon Initialization Events Map initialization Conditions Actions -------- Setting Pokemon -------- Set Pokemon[1] = Bulbasaur...
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    How Leaks are Exactly ?

    You may be getting errors using both because there must be something else wrong in the syntax. Here is the syntax: call<space necessary>functionname<space not necessary>(<space not necessary>udg_<variable name, no space between _ and the name><space not necessary>) So: call...
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    %Damage increase mark

    Auras with the same base ability don't stack. AFAIK the defend ability of human footman reduces damage from ranged attacks, probably try adding that to the target and set the values to negative. Don't forget to force the target to turn defend on.