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    Custom Campain Screen

    Is it possible to have a custom 3D campain screen? I am good with milkshape, can I convert something to mdx and use it?
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    WIP Invasion Ice

    It's not a tower defence <_< if you try it you will see for yourself.
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    Upgrades Not Working Properly...

    there is nothing in the hero settings that define them as a class? i do see one option Unit Clasification but it doesnt have any of the options from Unit Class <_< Or maby is race my problem with the upgrade? it only applys to a certain race? Well if this cant be solved then I got...
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    Upgrades Not Working Properly...

    I am trying to make an upgrade to work on all heroes in my map, I have successfully created an upgrade that adds 25% more health but it is only working on some heroes even though I added the upgrades used to all of them... When I look in the upgrade properties I see Stats - Class and a list...
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    WIP Invasion Ice

    Well after years of tutorials and little testing maps I am finally doing something cool. A neat new game type I been working on the past few days, and recently been doing some BNet tests and people are having a blast with it. Although still a WIP it is fun enough to play, 8 waves created so...
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    General Disney to acquire Marvel Entertainment for $4B

    really... sure disneys been making some pretty nice movies lately like the pirate series but they are going to utterly destory marvel and everything it stands for if they get it <_< I hope they dont get greedy on the 4B, long live marval!
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    New Patch Today...

    Oh goody... now people can stuff more ut sounds and anime pictures into their maps, prepare for even longer dl times :P Sure 8 isnt a lot but consider having to wait for all the slow people for the game to start, nobodys ganna wanna wait anymore lol
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    Recommended Maps? ;/

    If your new to the game I suggest playing the default maps first, or go through the single player campaign at least :P But if you really want to get into hardcore pvp actions then ya angle arena is good, also DotA is quite popular along with Green TD and Element TD, those are all very special...
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    Increasing Shop Sell range?

    I also had this issue when trying to make several hero taverns close together, in the ability change cast range and activation radius to a higher value, or fill it with 9999999 to make them useable from the entire map, I belive this is what DotA does with their shops. If you dont know what...
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    Poll: How Do You Want Your Coop?

    I was kinda aiming for 2 as well, 3 uses up the most color slots as the heros need to be on their own unshared teams. Also method 2 is good for leavers, he does not rely on other players to beat it. I was also thinking player 1 gets no heroes unless a team member leaves. Also if anyone wants to...
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    Poll: How Do You Want Your Coop?

    I am planning to make an online coop and I have been in deep discussion with my friends, none of us cant agree on a method so I'm putting up a poll :P If you guys wanted to play online coop in warcraft 3 how do you want the teams set up? 1. Free For All - Players control each others...
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    Help: Hero Sharing

    Well its good thinking guys but its just not ganna work, the function wont let me choose 2 teams to share it only lets me choose 1 team to share with all allies, and if i set up different allys then they will be able to kill each other, so I am just ganna keep it simple and let all players...
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    Help: Hero Sharing

    Hello, Im back from inactivity to work on a new project, but I am having a couple issues. I am working on an online coop campain and I want the players to be able to share the units but not the heroes, I have found 2 functions "Share Vision" and "Full Share Unit Control" but full share unit...
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    cheats dont work online anyway right? in single player its up to the player to not use them :P its like choosing not to break the law, you dont have to do it but its there if you really want to lol
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    Map Problem!

    try another folder, it doesnt really matter where your map is as long as its somewhere in the maps folder, you might be getting confused with RoC and TFT they are 2 sepret folders i belive
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    Morphing Not Working

    i said i already did that, and i also tried making 2 copies of it but they conflict with each other and none work, so i am only using one copy of it for another spell and ya i only use custom abilities, i try not to change any default stuff bear form gives me lots of problems besides just the...
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    Morphing Not Working

    alright, I know there are already hundreds of posts and I have spent all last night and this morning going through them all, non of them seem to help and all those solutions are not working for me. I copied metamorphosis, I edited the proper alternet form and normal form units and i added the...
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    Spell Rise of the Ents

    Good spell, but may I suggest adding the condition, unit not equal to treant, player can exploit buy killing their own treants to summon more treants
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    Help With AceHart's Save/Load System

    sorry about my flaming posts, its a great system and im using it and crediting of course :) im actually begining to like the no ability save, the save code is a lot shorter and easier to copy, and its not a big deal anyway, people can just relearn their abilitys, as long as they got the level...
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    NewGen Map Wont Work On BNET

    well i did have backups but, i saved over them and all of them where corrupted the same as my main one <_< i read the manual some more im begining to understand this, thanks for the input guys, im going to start with a small arena map instead, but using the same heroes, this way i can do live...