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  1. Conal

    Unit Max Life = 100,000?

    Off-topic: 2^19 is not random at all
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    Model Collision

    Please read the rules about supported topics and off-topic replies. Thanks. I think I've decided the easiest solution is to just detect if the camera is inside a wall and move it accordingly.
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    Model Collision

    So I set the collision size of this box to make only the top clickable. It doesn't seem to work though. I'm making an FPS so when players face a wall and turn the camera around, they need to be able to click through the wall (otherwise they'll face the wall again and essentially be stuck)...
  4. Conal

    say wat

    say wat
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    Other Rock Paper Scissors

    This is the most innovative map I have ever played. I'm fairly certain this may become one of the more enduring maps of our time; all the complexities and deceit, the scandals and triumphs, all crammed into one simple entity. This piece is an inspiration to us all and should be in everybody's...
  6. Conal

    RPG Delving RPG Project

    One way is to divide the area of the entire map into regions of the maximum possible size of room. In your case, 7*128 by 7*128. Even if a building is generated 3 by 3, it will give a nice feel with the occasional long tunnel. You could also set the rooms' locations as an array and loop through...
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    Deprotect Help SVW1.05b

    Map deprotection is an unsupported topic at these forums. Even though it's for a good cause, you're asking in the wrong place.
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    RPG Delving RPG Project

    For starters, generate random rooms. Take two rectangles of random widths and heights. Place one of them on a polar offset of the first rectangle. Now, remove any overlapping inside. Now that you have a room, generate several near each other and simply connect them with tunnels. I have found...
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    RPG Delving RPG Project

    I thought DMG TEST was a pretty cool guy. Is this project still being developed?
  10. Conal

    [Flash/AS 3.0] Multiplayer Platform Creation

    Well, I know you could do this with sql. Throw the user's data into the database like you mentioned and have the flash update it at your interval. To read the data, query the database with php or something and throw it into a string. From the flash, read that string and parse it (you might have...
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    Shooting map ideas

    I like ammo conserving. Never seen a wc3 map that decently pulls it off though.
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    Disconnection occurs when this trigger is triggered...

    Well, disable that selection line and test it.
  13. Conal

    Disconnection occurs when this trigger is triggered...

    You are causing the trigger to loop infinite number of times. If selecting a unit triggers it and you select a unit within the trigger...
  14. Conal

    Crashing Man Face - Who is it?

    I always thought the icon was creepy. Never heard of it being crash-inducing. All I can really suggest is updating your ancient patch. Hilarious topic though.
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    WIP Toy 3D Map

    I don't like the whole idea of requiring everybody to run something in order to play the map...especially when the map is intended for Thanks for the suggestion though.
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    WIP Toy 3D Map

    Version 3 Changes Been trying to wrap my head around how I would add collision to doodads inside buildings on multiple floors. I could do it easily if everything fit in a square rectangle like the building blocks do. It looks like I'm going to resort to that. Next on the list after AI I'd like...
  17. Conal

    All abilities activated at once. Why?

    Each spell needs to be based off a different base ID. You need to find a different summoning spell to work off of to prevent the problem. Channel is a great spell because it has a field where it lets you set the ID. For summoning purposes, however, you'd have to trigger the unit creation when...
  18. Conal

    whatcha working on?

    whatcha working on?
  19. Conal

    testing a map and getting the menu As a recap: Disable RTC, Save before testing If that doesn't work, try updating your wc3 patch and NewGen version.