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  1. Jagan

    Model Tauren Avatar

    Wow, thanks! This is gonna be really useful! :) +Rep
  2. Jagan

    Help With Enigma's Ult

    This is how Black Hole is triggered in DotA:
  3. Jagan

    How to make enigma ult spell???

    Try searching the forums first. That question has been asked numerous times in the past.
  4. Jagan

    Berserker Rage?

    Try reading this:
  5. Jagan

    Need help with Target Art/Special Effects and stuff.

    Use Acid Bomb if you want a single target spell with a missile animation. Just set the targets and buff durations accordingly.
  6. Jagan

    Attachment not working

    Try hand,right.
  7. Jagan

    Spell Pudge Wars on GUI - MPI

    Oh, and it doesn't lag for me as well. Hmm..
  8. Jagan

    making thunderclap damage alli's

    Trigger the entire spell. Thunderclap is hardcoded not to be able to damage allies.
  9. Jagan

    Disappearing Things

    Err...what sort of 'things' are you referring to? Care to clarify?
  10. Jagan


    Because it is hands down the most versatile base spell available in the editor. I pratically abuse it.
  11. Jagan

    Hero spell cooldown sharing.

    Try making a custom spell based off of Channel or an instant cast spell and when it is casted, create the units you want with triggers. Oh, and add a expiration timer for them. Not entirely similar but it should work.
  12. Jagan

    Is it possible to show an icon on 'hidden' abilities?

    Negative Endurance Aura and then trigger the damage per second?
  13. Jagan

    Regain Speed Over Time?

    Try Purge.
  14. Jagan

    Are you good with Spells?

    I second that. Learning how to make spells and then successfully making them on your own gives a totally different sense of satisfaction.
  15. Jagan

    question about invoker's spell

    Quas, Wex and Extort are all based on channel with their options set as instant and their order strings changed.
  16. Jagan

    hero help

    I second that.
  17. Jagan

    Reduce healing taken

    Trigger all your heal spells with Set Unit Life. Makes life easier because you don't have to create separate spells.
  18. Jagan

    Open Wounds

    I don't think I'll have the time to post a code or something for you but this is how the spell is coded exactly in DotA: By the way, this is nowhere close to being a DotA forum. So don't expect everyone here to know what and how DotA spells are exactly. Many people here don't bother...
  19. Jagan

    Does it leak?

    Read this.
  20. Jagan

    Spellpack DotA Spellpack

    I suggest you include some screenshots. NOT everyone plays DotA. Where did you get that idea?